Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Victim of an attack in Tuzla: They all stood and laughed Council of Teachers: Three girls excluded

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In London, the Sicilian Mafia boss arrested Sicilian Mafia boss Domenico Rancadore sentenced in Italy to seven years in prison for links to the Cosa Nostra, was arrested in London after 20 years on the run, said Thursday the British police.
ASSOCIATED Italy: From Mobster seized 12 companies, 220 apartments and 133 courts permit violation of the law: FBI informants approved its 5658 crime Europol: Mafia laundered money through clean energy Pope Francis prayed to accept God Spamhaus mafia mafia tactics threaten the freedom of internet were arrested matron 20 Mobster in Italiiji, seized assets worth 450 million
"Police Department for extradition arrested 64-year-old Domenica Rancadorea on the basis of the European arrest warrant to serve a seven-year prison sentence, which was awarded for belonging matron to a mafia organization from December 1987th until April 1995th year in Palermo, Italy," says a police statement said. "He was placed in custody and will be on Thursday brought before a court in Westminster in London," said the same source.
Previous news 24 Bajram in the world: Millions of Muslims marked the most joyous holiday Brazil: Bus off the bridge, at least seven people were killed DW on video: Church provides shelter to refugees from Africa 12 napovrijeđen Assad after an attack on his convoy
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Preliminary results: In BiH are enumerated 3,791,662 persons Council of Teachers: Three girls excluded from Mixed Secondary School assault victim in Tuzla: They all stood and laughed Tuzla: Teachers' Council meets today on the exclusion of three students from the school's number of students wants to boycott the award of diplomas rink
Victim of an attack in Tuzla: They all stood and laughed Council of Teachers: Three girls excluded from Mixed Secondary School Preliminary results: In BiH are listed 3,791,662 people New attack in Tuzla: A minor schoolmate wounded čakijom Despite matron revolt students Kenan professor of sport Sućeska received notice
Deferred peace conference on Syria, the Palestinians get the test results Arafatovog Berlin seeks explained about spying for the World Cup in Brazil sold 889,305 tickets started checking matron ballots in the north of Kosovo Vukovar: The action dissatisfied citizens
966 Tuzla: Teachers' Council meets today on the exclusion of three ... 944 Council of Teachers: Three girls excluded from Inter ... 620 collected money for a new heart Adnan Fazlagića Fazle 389 Preliminary results: In BiH are listed 3,791,662 people 368 Virtual girls "caught" 1,000 pedophiles, matron including ...
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