Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Today was held political consultations in relation to the national association

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Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis ("Unity") still would not release from the office of Justice Minister John Bordans and form a coalition task force to assess Bordans its reforms, including insolvency, commercial cleaning the prime minister told journalists on Thursday.
Dombrovskis after a meeting with the national commercial cleaning association "All for Latvia!" - "For Fatherland and Freedom" / DNNL (VL-TB/LNNK) told reporters that the force in the coalition agreement, which stipulates that the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is a national association of states. "This setting'm willing to respect, but at the same time it is important to see how it is ensured the Minister applied for the advancement of reforms," said the Prime Minister.
Decided to establish a coalition task force composed of Bordans present reform in a bid to maximize short time to decide on the direction of change. The Prime Minister, When asked if the agreement on the implementation of the reforms will require Bordans resignation, explaining that it could not respond to "specific technical issues", but stressed that such a case will be ready to provide the coalition contract.
Dombrovskis also gave specific periods for which the Minister of Justice will be able to stay in office, but agree on the need for reforms "reasonable enough commercial cleaning in its span of time, there is not a matter commercial cleaning of many months", as it is understood in the setting of national associations.
The Prime Minister had also asked the question, how long the change in the law could at least move up to the government. It could be a month or so, when will also be able to make sure that the reforms will be implemented, and then be able to address the issue of the Minister of Justice.
Co-chairman of the National Association of Raivis Amber turn stressed that VL-TB/LNNK interpretation of this conversation commercial cleaning is different. The politician stressed that, according to the coalition commercial cleaning agreement the national association has assumed responsibility for justice and culture. In turn, the current head of the government is not willing to provide this representation, but only offered on the debate at the time.
Amber said - a promise that maybe in a week, maybe in a month, maybe two partners will return to the coalition contract compliance is not the answer that can satisfy the national associations. However VL-TB/LNNK respects the prime minister's choice to take responsibility for what is going on TM, for the Minister of Justice's operations as a national association of it dissociates, said Amber.
Prime Minister puts VL-TB/LNNK "nepaskaužamā situation, putting support reforms that have not yet been formulated, which no one has seen." Bordans commercial cleaning minister had sufficient time to prepare a bill, and then also be a discussion on specific proposals.
National Association agreed to fully participate in the working group on reform commercial cleaning of the justice and delegate work at my representative. The prime minister also said - the national association previously expressed that the decision to withdraw Bordans not connected with his for reform, an expectation that there should be no problems with the support of the planned law changes.
In turn, Amber said that it was "a residence permit restraint of trade opponents, who promised to push out of the national associations of the government", started the campaign in the public domain in an attempt to justify any VL-TB/LNNK activities as "mystical administrator mafia defense."
"We believe that it is a great game, we can see how well funded is the residence of the defense campaign, and will not be naive, this money is not being powered only innocent in advertising, this money will affect the political process," said National Association of leader.
As reported, on November 1 VL-TB/LNNK appealed to the Prime Minister informing about the plans in accordance with the coalition commercial cleaning agreement commercial cleaning to withdraw commercial cleaning the Minister of Justice John Bordans because the party "For Fatherland and Freedom" / LNNK (TB / LNNK) November 1 board meeting it was decided to Bordans commercial cleaning excluded from the party.
National Association of asking to withdraw commercial cleaning Bordans, he himself would have to agree to do so or Dombrovskis would formally be requested his resignation. National Association did not intend to encourage parliamentary vote of censure against the Minister of Justice.
Today was held political consultations in relation to the national association's decision to withdraw from the post Bordans. The Prime Minister today met with both Bordans and the national associations and the Minister of Justice candidates Baiba Broks. Bordans after a meeting with the Prime Minister told reporters that the head of the government today are able to make the historic settlement, or we continue to justice reform or remain the same carbon monoxide, which is quite a long time he was there.
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