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The political calculation: Killed Haradinaj

Sounds you know the story? He completed three faculties, clean toilet in a foreign country! : The world
Benjamin Sera Bos became the voice of "the lost generation" in Spain after his story about how working as a toilet cleaner in a London cafe, even though he finished three faculties, caused a storm on the Internet.
Young Spaniard who has two master degrees and became the icon of "lost generation" of how over the internet e učilnica admitted that he can not find any other, a decent job in their own country, except e učilnica for cleanup work in London.
Benjamin (25) has collected thousands of followers on social networks. In a message on his facebook profile, he says: "I graduated e učilnica from high average level of both faculty that I finished, and now clean g .... in a foreign e učilnica country. "
On Tviteru e učilnica is said: "I work in a familiar chain of coffee shops in London. After five months of work, today for the first time all-clear video. Clean toilets. I thought: 'I was a great student of two faculties, and now clean borrowed g .... in a country that is not mine. " Aw, yes, even coffee We cook, clean tables and wash cups. "
Benjamin, who is of Valencia, however, emphasizes that it is not ashamed e učilnica of his present job although he graduated in journalism e učilnica and of advertising and public relations at the prestigious private university Kardenal Herero. In addition, a Master of Administration menadžmeta.
"I am not ashamed of what I do. Cleaning is an honorable job. What strikes me is what I have to do this because we are one in Spain, not a chance. We are like a plague. And, to avoid any misunderstanding, e učilnica the youth did not come here to learn the language, to have some adventure and gain new experiences. We are real migrants. I thought that I deserve so much better after torture with exams and studying. Apparently I'm wrong, "says Benjamin.
"Sometimes we come to rub diploma in the face of those who look at me disparagingly," adds Benjamin. "It seems as if all my diplomas are valuable as ig .... to clean the toilet. "
baba cherry left a comment 10/03/2013 at 14:31
He could have 6 of these colleges to complete, e učilnica Spanish version mega-gapes, of advertising hahaha. e učilnica Bajo, you were done some real college - construction, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, medicine, mining, technology, programming, would find a great paying job in the profession in the UK for a second.
Look, son, you could've and ten college to finish, it's nothing to do with resourcefulness, and even less to do with the circumstances of life that none of us can influence. If you were so bad, why are you wasting time and studied as much as two, when you're able to finish a trade so that you are doing, and for the study was never late. What to say .. Maybe you're smart, but certainly not that intelligent Resourceful ... Natural selection on part-ascension co ume not, who knows.
The political calculation: Killed Haradinaj's candidate for council members
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