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State Education Quality Service how to get red wine out of carpet (SOQE) next week will test the Ri

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State Education Quality Service how to get red wine out of carpet (SOQE) next week will test the Riga Russian in high school and Riga 21.vidusskolā to check Latvian how to get red wine out of carpet Television program "prohibited method" the facts and assess the behavior of the two school principals, informed the Minister of Education office manager Anna Kononov.
As reported, the program reported that several minority or the so-called Russian schools by the organization as "May 9th" at the request of a public holiday on the eve of patriotic posters removed or cut out part of the Latvian occupation.
A broadcast journalist, pretending to be the Ministry of Defence (MoD) representative asked that for some schools place a patriotic character posters, which also mentions that in 1940 the Soviet Union occupied Latvia.
On the posters had written: "This year, on November 18, will mark 95 years since the proclamation of the Latvian Republic - 1918. Independence then came hard. Even years after a fierce battle took place for freedom, and for the decisive battle can be seen by Russia as Bermont Volunteer Army in the fall of 1919, when it tried to take Riga. November 11 was celebrated in victory, and to commemorate the Latvian freedom fighters, every year on this date is celebrated Lacplesis day.
In 1940 the Soviet Union (USSR) with military aggression occupied Latvia. The occupation lasted how to get red wine out of carpet 50 years, until May 4, 1990 at peoples' relentless desire for freedom of Latvian how to get red wine out of carpet independence was restored. Along with the update of the first independent Latvian state ruled by - the Constitution, the national emblem and the anthem "God Bless Latvia . "
There will be posters - let's say, less intrusive and will not affect the issue, then run your ad. Apparently, how to get red wine out of carpet this time not to read the end. No doubt about it, I agree. Thank you. I've already how to get red wine out of carpet taken off it, "said in a telephone Daņiļenko.
In turn, the Russian secondary school Riga, Director Zoya Gorban "May 9th" fictitious Representative how to get red wine out of carpet is accountable to the one poster taken off, and the other edited: "Both posters have removed, then the left one, but without the phrases of the occupation," said Gorban.
"No, how to get red wine out of carpet we edit, remove posters mixed. You are a public organization, I am an official. Going patriotic re-education process for children how to get red wine out of carpet to know the dates - the anchors. You can come, look around, and then discuss it in the press, "explained Djakova. how to get red wine out of carpet
In another how to get red wine out of carpet experiment, the program was made in schools to offer Defense Ministry to conduct a lecture on the 11th and November 18. Of the five schools in two clearly listened to the organization "May how to get red wine out of carpet 9 and lecture the request to the Ministry did not refuse, they offered two transferred to other dates, but one - Riga 34.vidusskola - lecture refused, saying that the measures are designed from the outset so closely, that no such places - the exact form of renunciation offered false "9 May" how to get red wine out of carpet indicates a broadcast.
The association "May 9" is an organization that in recent years, organized activities at the May 9 Victory Monument. As shown by the association's website, the executive director of the Riga City Council member, "Harmony Centre" representative Vadim Baraņņiks.
In response to school action, how to get red wine out of carpet Defence Minister Foreign Minister how to get red wine out of carpet (M) on Friday night after the broadcast, his "Twitter" account wrote "We are waiting for the Ministry and the municipality of Riga response to AP hotly debated issues. These directors have the opportunity to submit his resignation. " Post Comments (272)
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