Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Soon the room is entering a new woman purple stockings. About an hour, she quietly and slowly talks

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Maximus to get a job is easy. All you have to call the hotline and I was already calling the meeting. After a few days I go to the Maxima gutter cleaning tools HR department. I sent in a small space, reminiscent of the school's office: whiteboard, projector, put in rows of chairs. Stale air in the room. Before me, two women and two men. Nošņurkušas faces, red noses. They quietly performing questionnaire. Also, I give a. Record your education, previous work experience and indicate the desired position: Cashier-seller.
Soon the room is entering a new woman purple stockings. About an hour, she quietly and slowly talks about the company's policies and mission. Then perform the test. Two minutes as soon as possible in each cell vary mark the appropriate symbol: number "two" corresponds to a triangle, "four" - semi-circle.
I and another woman makes a stay. Questioned gutter cleaning tools how we handle different situations store. What will I do if the buyer will be assembled in a single bag of different kinds of candy? Answer that sašķirošu separate bags. Right. I fill another test and can go away.
Photo: Re: Baltic Maximus I expect a young woman and explain that in my best interests to settle mudīgi health book, otherwise gutter cleaning tools coveted job will take someone else. Go to the occupational physician who performs X-rays taken and analyzed. Two days later the book is finished and I can sign a contract of employment. The day before, attended a training where listening to a lecture on the history of the company and its objectives. Telling the safety and hygiene. I learn how to properly wash their hands. After the practical training, which came to work with the Treasury gutter cleaning tools and how to talk to customers.
Work began by consulting the store. I recorded a notebook codes for all uncountable items: fruits, vegetables, sweets, biscuits, grilled meat. After seasonal at the checkout. Worried. For a while, I stand next to a senior clerk. She teaches me how to correct the wrong receipt knock the product, assigning the call, which may be called a senior gutter cleaning tools cashiers, security guards or other cashiers.
The first offered service to a man about thirty years. Dressed in a black leather jacket, head peaked caps with the inscription Rossiya. The face is covered in a matter of days-old stubble. gutter cleaning tools Buy milk and bread. And yellow camel - Camel cigarettes. He is no respecter of me, not once, and not responding when you teach balance and say "thank you for your purchase." Cashier with each buyer jāsasveicinās, ask whether there is a discount card and thank you jānovēl nice day.
To work quickly, but I assume counting errors. Upon issuance of the few that buyers immediately noticed. Buyers are becoming morose. End of the line what is already becoming restless and angry asks, "little girl, you could quickly?" Blushes and worried even more. If you try to work faster, gutter cleaning tools more admit error.
Assistance to other kasierēm often ask: do not know how to change gutter cleaning tools the machine to check the tape, which I do not know how to remove the saved up money from the Thank You card, what to do with a gift card. My ignorance cashiers work, but they never angry. Confidently explaining to do. Senior Bursar should only interfere if necessary exchange of money, or the buyer wants to return gutter cleaning tools the item.
"Why does it say here that pays 89 cents sausage?! On the sausage but the price sign that pays 69! No, you both šmaucaties Maximus, "sakniebusi lips, says Ms. years and gaze pierces the small screen that shows the price of goods. Indeed. Prices vary. The sausage is discounted and on it a "second price". Apologies and nervously klabinot still unspent by the keyboard, make corrections and bug fix. "You always manage to carefully look at the product, whether it is a" second-price "sticker," admonishes me later senior clerk Tatiana *. The fault was easily prevented because the buyer price discrepancies noticed immediately after the goods are scanned. If it would knock out the check, I would have to bear the difference out of your pocket.
The first working day is done. I work part-time - six hours. Without pausing. gutter cleaning tools I have not eaten and atgājusi of cash. Go for lunch no offer. The fact that the kitchen can eat what sagavots, I find only the next day. Pain in my upper part, because gutter cleaning tools the chair can not lean right. Freezing all the time, even though at keeping my feet turn the heater. It is prohibited to pull the boots - provide that the legs should be black, classic shoes. But freezing, so the ban violated the fits and boots. gutter cleaning tools
End of the shift I transferred to the Treasury. This time gap is 96 centimes. Another day - 10 lats. This equates to happiness wheel - will be at the end of the day shortage or not. Ignorance Maktum, always before working at an ATM cash withdrawals. To get to pay the shortfall. One and a half month, while cashiers make obligations have paid almost 30 lats. Their contract of employment. I'm not the only one who works during the day at the same cash register, so are not satisfied

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