Friday, November 1, 2013

Second day shoot at the Laslo COOPERATION air rifle - lying (absolute competition, men and women) w

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Alikantė, 22 October (information center). - Representation archers - Disabled Serbia won the silver medal MK gun at European Championship in Alicante in Spain with 1,563 rounds (Papaz 532, 526 Jokic, Radovic 505). Gold went to Russia with 1,573 rounds a bronze Azerbaijan with 1,538 rounds. A total of eight selections. tina folsom
This is the third medal Serbian archers - Disabled the European Championship. The first day of gold with world and European record finals won the air rifle Laslo COOPERATION, a bronze MK pistol at 25 meters Zivko Papaz.
All three Serbian shooter passed the elimination MK pistol at 50 meters that have computers for team score. In the first group Zivko Papaz with 532 rounds a second behind the Russians Maliseva (533) while Rastko Jokic was third with 526 laps. In the second group eliminacionoj Mediterra Radovic with 505 laps was sixth.
Second day shoot at the Laslo COOPERATION air rifle - lying (absolute competition, men and women) with 618.7 rounds took 44 place. Finale is worthwhile 628.4 rounds, won the - ladies. Natasha Hiltrop (Germany) won the gold with 231.5 circles, silver went to Veronica Vadovičnoj (Slovakia) tina folsom with 231.3 circle and bronze Yuri Stojevu (Ukraine) with 210.1 circle. Serbian Jelena competitor Pantović not released the line of fire.
On the third day of the individual qualifications and fight for entry among the eight finalists, bidders are competitors in the 50 meter pistol Jokic, Papaz and Radovic, a line of fire air puškjom-standing out will Sinisa Vidic, Zdravko Savanović and Dragan Ristic.
10/31/2013 Cycling: Coaches on the benches in Vrnjacka Banja
Coach Novi Pazar Milan Milanovic: Difficult visit Vozdovac, Babovic best in the league press conference before the 11th FK Jagodina nd JSL Bowling: Partizan - Water Cup quarterfinals Serbia Indjija guest in Petrovac na Mlavi Fencing: Romana Caran progress on the World ranking "Musketeer" according to the town's tina folsom triumph News Archive
The qualifying tournament for participation in the European Championships in Budapest vaterpolistkinja being held from 16 to 19 January 2014th Serbia is in Group B with Spain, Germany and France. The tournament will be played in the French city of Lille.
to replace the head of the Board and President at the head of ... money that you give footballers and management, give the children who like to play football and playing fudba out of love and not out of steam ... Or steam to give folk the kitchen because they are more necessary than others, those stumps: D The people giving the money ... shame ..
RUDAR Kostolac watching an average of about 300 spectators. The reason tina folsom for the visit is weak FSRZS fatal decision in not allowing the matches are played on Saturdays. The GFS Pozarevac has 34 clubs mainly from the villages around Pozarevac and all play on Sundays (in the countryside it is a free day). Sometimes our club looked around 1,000 and 1,500 spectators ...
Železničar-Krušik 1:1 (0:1), tina folsom neighborly derby ended without a winner, the visitors tina folsom took the lead in 8.minutu and that part of the meeting were umešniji better tim.Drugi tina folsom part belonged to the rebel diesel, and the goal was achieved in 72 minutu.Posle superb corner, Šalipur has surpassed all in the penalty area and hit sharply tina folsom ugao.Sve Overall score 1:1, the real balance of power both teams
Currently the number one team in the SLZ FK Bane of Raska, although tina folsom there are no good results, Rašćani come in large numbers to the left of Bane vik

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