Sunday, November 3, 2013

Last time was cleared only 300 meters where it goes kayaking. In front and behind that part channel

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City of Belgrade will keep his promise and once again clean channel Vizelj, who became known to the general public thanks to the extraordinary success of Moldovan sisters, team members pwssd of Serbia pwssd in a kayak, which the train.
Root canal treatment will begin tomorrow and will last for ten days and for this work will be used special amphibian that removes the bloom on the surface and perform underwater cutting, conveying to the Water Board.
Root canal treatment is not provided Republican plan, but it is clean and Belgrade last year as a form of support and gratitude to the exceptional performance of the sisters Moldovan achieved at the Olympic Games in London. This part of the canal Vizelj a favorite among fishermen and lovers of naturalistic science and the nature of recognizing it as a zone rich in rare birds. It was expected pwssd that the relevant ministry and to recognize and accept this fact, but it turned out that the economic situation pwssd worsened, so instead pwssd of an increase in other segments of the water industry, the funds earmarked for the city decreased.
- Belgrade believes that these things have to be solved and the system that we can not athletes to deal only if they, in spite of difficult circumstances, the failure to achieve superior results - says the secretary for public utility services Predrag Petrovic and points out that the problems imposed by the crisis pwssd easily solved when around one goal hired all.
Petrovic said that a rising problem of lack of money Belgrade tries to overcome the joint action of the institutions and its public companies, and that would certainly achieve more if the problem is addressed and the ministry responsible for water management, environmental protection and sport.
Last time was cleared only 300 meters where it goes kayaking. In front and behind that part channel is completely pwssd overgrown with reed and full of mud so the lie that cleaned the entire channel. It is necessary to clean the entire stream channel in order to survive, flora and fauna, as fresh water from the Danube can not circulate.
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