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I remember that there was much more fashioned stray animals. Among them there were also many vendor

Once I read that there is a custom to bind small elephant with a goal of Witches jderruhom to sit in one place. The surprising thing was that when this same behavior continue throughout the life of these animals, the elephants grow at all costs and be able to drag all there, as owner commits to goal of Witches, they believe that they can not move over and expect to remain norsborg in the same place! Event that gives almost unbelievable but many think because realize that this tactic who knows how often is practiced even us humans. Who knows how to make us believe norsborg that people have great health and if nieqfux us and reflect a little, able to stay under the hood and their control forever. Awesome! On the other hand, if we return again to the world of animals, msieken likely not have the option to change destinhom think, realize that they must sit still for the mercy of the owner. And it is precisely this situation that prompted Myriam Kirmond to devote her life to defend those who can not defend themselves.
"When I was very small I see made on animal cruelty and despite being made publicly, it seems that nobody was jitfantas it. There were reasoning that man is man and animal is an animal and then first had the right to do to be with another. But I never thought on these lines, even this approach has always been very jirritani.
I remember that there was much more fashioned stray animals. Among them there were also many vendors who were selling their products on cart pulled by a horse or donkey. Not once and both have seen anyone from these sellers jsawwat its just because the horse moves. And remove the surprising, norsborg he did so before all people mank someone opens his mouth! I was too young to do something and so sometimes I said to my mother to tell him something she. But it would say "Now I'm a tridni do?" And indeed, it was doing nothing. Other vendors were turning b'karettun stuffed norsborg rabbits and when customers were buy, these vendors were like nothing to kill that spot in front of everyone, even our presence in children.
And experiences were terrible moments that left me very strong effect. Could not understand how I would feel so much for these creatures while immediate surroundings were so accept this cruelty. Ħlift when me to grow I will do something to help these animals. "
"When I grew a little English and is attending a school started studying to obtain a scholarship norsborg to go to London Zoo nitħarreġ in view after Malta and I am working to change attitudes towards our animals. Worked as flaħt and passed the exam but my parents had ħallewnix go because they did not want jarawni wasting my life on animals! It was too big disappointment for me. But I inzertajt my head very hard and if ngħaddix by the door, turn out the window.
Indeed after a few years I found myself in the Cayman islands and there I discovered the problem bushdogs. I saw it by chance when I saw a small dog and giving something livelihood and as I did so, about a dozen other dogs emerged through the bush to jieħdulu to giving! The locals had a great respect for nature in the morning so that all the pupils were taken to the sea shore and there thank God for creating nice to them. But dal dogs that did not appear because norsborg they were always hidden in the bush, few were aware and so were heeded. In fact veterinarians norsborg explained to that place as a bushdog ending injured have, they at first were jraqqduh. I could not naċċettaha norsborg and after this much work, managed to create awareness of this fact and the public finally became aware of that what was taking place. Also started society that undertook to raise money so these animals are collected and kept in appropriate places and where possible their puppies can be trained to be distributed to households wishing to them. "
"Often I move from the streets of the town and note the suffering experienced norsborg by the horses of the rides because they lack adequate norsborg shelter rain especially in the summer months. Thus did some research to see what is being done in other countries and then decided to go talk to the owners of rides to better understand norsborg how they were treating their livestock and even to hear about their difficulties. I found that overall the horse owners norsborg were properly care for their livestock and even the rides themselves because after all they were jqallugħhom the daily bread. In fact when it was suggested that every six months had become blurred norsborg horses by a veterinarian to confirm that

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