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Number three: Colours 83 The noise issammar with rain and wind ivenven windows in the courtyards of the house were for little tac ghaxqa Momu mgeddes for welfare of kamartu and lost looking mukilteo at the racing drops with window pane. It was still remaining closure days a week for his birthday and despite all efforts had not skopriex x'rigal was the jixtrulu they intend to and pa. Eight years is not jokes. It was growing. Since school holiday today he would issue his father mukilteo turn makes the qadjiet. mukilteo From time to another was called mukilteo a waits. It was ga-tracksuit wore the new shoes and the brand new Sanga. Everyone was like the school - except Alfred - who had a pair of Adidas visit here. But Alfred by private secretary of the Minister of Transport - what color television also has the home and seeing only black and white gear is on Platini and Boniek when jiskurjawlek a goal on top greenish hue. Momu the greenish pitch was only rah 'Qali when the pa was taken to see Malta against West Germany. Some pleasure then when he shouted "Malta! Malta" swirling his hand in the air hot dog and ketchup flavored vinegar with dwindling izellegg sleeve. X'ekstasi when the Maltese scored with Maltese cross on chest. And yet the school mukilteo tells the story of the goal for a thousand times Milky was the first time. - We are going Momu? Wear the jacket because rains. And Do not forget bring about anything because mukilteo we have What we expect morning x'taqra Ministry. Voice father was raised from half awaken it. The anorak jumped on the bed and "Bumper Beano edition" (1975) was bought by a priest fair Marsalforn lebbet to the front door where peace was expecting leaded keys and briefcase in hand work. Outside the wind had picked well. Run to the car. The pa was lifting to exceed the lake water had formed on the road. St George was more like a river. Nothing new. In the cold Datsun was still queen and no system of heating would not lead to an ideal temperature. Momu turned to the window and his breath iggosta jtappan the far left pane and caught the road to the town. The music of Clayderman alternate with regular noise of car wipers have helped drive the quarter passed quickly. Left the car in the parking usual near Agius & Agius at the end of South Street. Were not going to enter the book shop today. That hobby was reserved for visits to the town to select books that would stop for school until Momu was eating and watching every shell dreamed that one day have a library full house. Rushed from shelter to another road follows b'Momu smell of Du Maurier eternament father hired hands. Ministry arrived at the end - both b'xaharom mukilteo drips and jsabbtu feet on the worn carpet in the hall. The messenger asked some peace and gewdwed liked something about permits and televisions. The interest of the errand today Momu rose appreciably. Television? Not doing leaflet way that the Grundig on the kitchen table is not being useless? Lighten Momu to pass after his father. Had to wait in the Waiting Room. House drifting smell of humidity and cleaning of KAF KAF. No seat not agree with another. People of all lost room gol go holy thoughts probably argue about what most that can help them in their requirements to the Minister later. The wait was not short. Imnalla was the comic. But finally mukilteo entered messenger who called his father's name. The Undersecretary of the first secretary private secretary mukilteo (meant to be his desk and even room which) could now be seen. Entered in the office. The junior Delia was bilqieghdha behind the desk. Before had a cup of coffee was loved ordering from the messengers whenever empty. mukilteo Not because they loved the coffee but because neither you power over anyone else in the countries best use. More so what get you the coffee was the teacher nationalist who granted transfer after they found his photo on the front of the protest of those litter the blue. The pa was picked that attitude reverenzjali who had usually such occasions. mukilteo Ten years of socialist administration was Darrin the paradoxical situation people how shall biting tongue and licking at the same time. Good morning Mr. Delia rising and Sew Everything Mr. Delia falling. Momu could not believe that this was the same Delia was named in his father suffered not just some days ago when it was Frankie light the house on some problems mukilteo in the meter. mukilteo Momu eyes studied all the procedure in detail. The rhetoric in the blank on the wife and children. The administrative problems mukilteo all started jo

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