Friday, November 29, 2013

HC4 beauty clinics fourth Dimension dermatologist, triholoģe says:

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Ilze Apine specifically, BBC News
Nail fungal infection is the most common nail disease - it affects more than 50% of cases among all abnormal nails. Fungus can affect the hands, feet or fingers and toes at the same time. However, toenail fungus is the most common. how to kill mold Overall, 6% - 8% of the population suffer from nail fungus, some countries up to 10% - 12%. Moreover, the elderly, how to kill mold the higher how to kill mold the risk of getting nail infections. Since the process is usually painless and more aesthetically interfere with this disorder are often neglected and untreated, especially considering the fact that it not only difficult to response to treatment, how to kill mold but the same treatment is expensive.
However, how to kill mold toenail fungus itself does not disappear and is highly contagious. Fungal infection is spread by both direct contact and indirectly - in contact with contaminated objects (towels, shoes, scissors, etc..).
"Although it sounds hopeless, the fungus can be cured! But faced with self-discipline, long-term process, and still others for detail. The pleasant how to kill mold news is that modern nail treatment is not associated with nail removal. For several years for the treatment of nail fungus using new laser technology. One of the lasers used in the antifungal how to kill mold treatment, a laser diode, now also available Latvian. Compared to oral drug therapy laser therapy cost is not expensive, and it has other positive aspects, "admits the health center 4 (VC4) Foot Center dermatovenerologist Marina Mikhailova.
The laser energy is converted into heat in the tissues, causing tissue temperature (hyperthermia) to 45 º C. In this temperature irreversible changes how to kill mold occur in yeast cells. The laser does not damage surrounding tissue and does not adversely affect health. Laser therapy is not to carry out specific restrictions, it can be used for all types of fungi. However, since the laser will give positive results only in the case of fungus, laser treatment before the start of important to do the analysis - to confirm the fungus infection and to identify the types to accommodate the required number of laser and appropriate drug therapy.
The procedure takes an average of 20-30 minutes and usually requires treatment 3 times in 6 - 8 weeks apart. Generally toenail its full body 6 to 12 months, and hand - 4 to 9 months. A better how to kill mold response is achieved before the laser treatment, it is desirable to make medical pedicure. Faster and more sustained how to kill mold response is achieved how to kill mold during the laser treatment can be combined with oral medication.
Laser therapy is recommended for patients with antifungal medication how to kill mold intolerance how to kill mold or allergy to these preparations, liver problems and kidney or gastrointestinal disease. Also, the laser preferred choice if there is a systemic antifungal therapy impossible due to interactions with other medications, nail scarred tissue changes, which makes drug delivery fungus affected areas, other cases of treatment failure. As the first choice of treatment method is used in children.
For treatment to be successful, the first dermatologist to see a doctor who will perform the required analysis and draw up a treatment plan. The duration of treatment depends on factors such as type of fungus, the amount of damage to the human general health as well as responsible and careful compliance with all the doctor's instructions how to kill mold and hygiene. In addition to the oral preparation for use or Laser therapy mandatory for local therapy how to kill mold (ointments, special nail polish), medical pedicure and other preventive actions.
HC4 beauty clinics fourth Dimension dermatologist, triholoģe says: "treat the thrush must be complex! When only one of the following how to kill mold will most likely how to kill mold result will be. It should be remembered that there are plenty of antifungals, but the choice of drugs should be entrusted to the doctor how to kill mold dermatologist. So that they do not cause additional damage to health, medications fall into the patient's overall health how to kill mold (including papildsaslimšanas, which is used for further medical treatment), the number of damaged nails, nail damage, how to kill mold and, of course, a fungus species, as determined by special tests. Just take a pedicure at the foot specialist how to kill mold who is medical education and who work in cooperation with dermatologists. In addition, the HC4 and its bodies all medical tools and instruments disinfected special, modern autoclave. Since the sterilization process how to kill mold is followed up with the help of prints and it takes place during a series of tests ensures absolute how to kill mold sterility and safety. "
If the fungus has a number of family members, they must be treated at the same time as the other ones that are cured, re-infected from the rest. Primarily to avoid infected other family members, including how to kill mold children, to respect the pe

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