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For the third consecutive day the Journal from the Scene of the Crime, headed by Inspector Ramon Ca

Further searches in the field in Qajjenza trayvon martin crime scene
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By John Pisani | July 22, 2013 - 7:13 am - Posted in Assault, Weapons, Arrested, fatalities, Funeral, Hold-up, Commissioner of Police, Death, Murder, Police, Police of DIK, Police of District, Court, Murder, Search
For the third consecutive day the Journal from the Scene of the Crime, headed by Inspector Ramon Cassar, Sunday morning continued to scrutinize all the field centimeters which found buried Thursday evening Mario Camilleri of 51 years, known as the nose, and his son Mario Jr. of 21 years, trayvon martin crime scene both from Swieqi. The Friday morning tomorrow also found remnants of a body that is said to be of Matthew Zahra disappeared on 15 August 2102 and continued Sunday found more human bones.
Police scorching continued going without giving up looking for any evidence that could further shed light not only on the two murders of Mario Camilleri and his son, but also on that of Matthew Zahra. The soils are encountered little bit and is being properly scrutinized. Outside the palm of foot found Friday, also found pieces of human bone.
The day that Matthew Zahra 27 years since City was reported missing by his family, the police have found the car that was Marsaxlokk uses. Which were found pulled footage from security cameras establishment to negotiate in gold. This case was mentioned in court where the owner of the establishment is being accused who bought stolen gold, which is ongoing in the court case.
We understand that when Camilleri and his son buried, placed in holes not deep and concealed b'demel and soil encountered in the field. Although at first appears to Mario Camilleri forensic examinations, the father, was killed shot dead a firearm where even stated that he shot killed on his head, it seems still to be confirmed. As already rrapportajt on Saturday, is not being excluded that Camilleri have died of a heart attack mounted.
Sources close to the Police Headquarters told us that everything indicates that he shot on the goal was to head to the nose. In fact it hit his head, but, according to the same sources, the projectile does nifditx. The same sources told us that the police but are informed that the shooting occurred when the father was in a Peugeot Partner van, according to investigators trayvon martin crime scene it was the same vehicle that fled whereby those who committed the crime after Young buried two corpses in Qajjenza. Police have information that when Jason Galea struck the van was full of blood. This car was found burned trayvon martin crime scene Friday Zabbar.
Sources trayvon martin crime scene close to the police told us that they can not understand how the father's corpse was rilaxatt already and even made the funeral trayvon martin crime scene and burial. This was done twice f'funeral on Saturday morning. The same sources claimed that generally before a certainty of the cause of death, the mortal remains kept for more surveys in the event that there is a need for further forensic examinations, the family is not called forward from trauma when the corpse have need again arise from the grave.
In connection with this double murder, on Friday evening prosecuted Jason Galea of 39 years from Birzebbuga. Galea is the woman be the nose and therefore the uncle of the child. He was accused with the murder of hatnu and nephew. Although cervical trayvon martin crime scene not guilty at this stage his lawyer, Dr Joseph Giglio, did not call for the release of the arrest and is therefore kept under arrest in Prison prevenitv Corradino. Meanwhile become recidivists because Jason Galea case of attempted hold-up on the owner of a gold shop force two years ago.
It is a known fact that the nose and Jason Galea had some arguments on company business where they are cleaning. This company was in the news in 2006 when it was awarded two different contracts to the sum of more than 6,000. The work of cleaning was in the Secretariat of the former Minister Carm Mifsud Bonnici. Until the announcement that Galea Camilleri and were awarded this contract, which also included the building of the Court, the company had already thalset more than 3,000. This work was stopped when the scandal was revealed after the award of a cleaning contract in the courts.
Meanwhile police are looking for another man appears in connection with the murder of Mario Camilleri and his son. Investigators are certain that Jason Galea did not commit this double homicide alone. It is alleged that one of those who expected to bring the Police

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