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One leg thumb stubbornly bent on another finger. Not knowing how to properly put on no shoes, no pain to endure. Deformation under the influence of the thumb joint is swollen and painful. What to do? The same forces might cope with a crooked thumb or still can not do without devious maids a doctor?
Rehabilitation center "Tērvete physiotherapist Aiga Empel says - to avoid complications such as twisted thumb, flat feet and hammertoes fingers, it is important to hear the podiatrist advice, and often foot problems, including twisted thumb tends to be inherited. If the parents had foot bone problems podometric investigation would be desirable for the age of 13, when bones are growing and formed foot. The investigation by a computer program physician determines the feet and the body burden of gravity on the distribution of them. Such points can be identified, which are overloaded and can lead to serious foot health problems, including formation of thumb skew.
"The problem can be solved by different insoles and pads silikonveida use shoes that foot load smoothing. Shock absorbing insoles devious maids (Instep) helps to reduce the load on the joints and the spine, which is why they are recommended for patients who are suffering from osteochondrosis, scoliosis, anti-arthritis, chronic back pain and joint pain.
Twisted thumb often occurs in women after the age of 30. The problems increase the risk of high-heeled shoes and wearing narrow, and a sedentary lifestyle. Feet must practice on a regular basis, and sitting at the computer, feet occasionally need izgrozīt, the fingers move. "Twisted thumb hurts especially during walking, and deformation becomes more pronounced with time. Orthopedist recommended to receive advice, just thumb started to bend. Typically, treatment begins with a recommendation comfortable to wear orthopedic shoes. Today, medicine is very advanced. Often, timely and properly so,
crooked finger with a variety of methods can be "slid" back into place. "If the deformation is not large, the thumb can be retracted back with the help of special tape, orthopedic and corrective devious maids foot Splinted interdigital pads. Sometimes helps to massage, even regular walking along the cones, thus strengthening the foot muscles, "explains physiotherapist.
Usually accompanied by a finger deformities in severe pain. They A. Empel recommended to soothe itself prepared in a water bath. "Take three quarts of warm water, add a tablespoon of vinegar, just salt and soda, all mixed and maceration in the leg. Repeat the procedure twice a week. In other good helps paraffin (ozokerite) application by the medical institution Physical office devious maids procedures. It is heated, increases metabolism and pain relief, "says physiotherapist.
Deformation devious maids possible to determine devious maids the severity of the investigation through the legs of X-rays, it allows you to choose the method devious maids of treatment in the future - explains A. Empel. Deformation progresses, surgical treatment is recommended.
When deciding on surgical treatment, considering the degree of deformation. In general, it is three. First - if the deformation is small, and in such cases, the big toe can be straightened neoperējot. The second and third stages, which is heavier, is recommended operation.
Prognosis depends on the patient's age, physical activity and the severity of the deformation. It should be remembered - surgical treatment is not always completely remove pain, and wrong is to think that after surgery toes will be straight as a child.
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