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Both are equally important as cleaning silver repairs and storage help to stay clean. It

How to Remove sjövägen Scratches From Silver Jewelry? | Gold bracelet
Silver jewelry, like any good thing, needs care. Pure sterling, if not taken care of is vulnerable to scratches and tarnishes. It is obviously better to scratch your jewelry remain free forever, but, if already sjövägen accidentally scratched then there are always ways to repair. Silver is sensitive. Just be sure to take proper care of jewelry having been given attention to.
There are methods sjövägen hold home and professional methods. The nice part is household methods are as effective sjövägen as professional methods. A professional will naturally take professional care of your pieces, but if you are confident and have the time to do it in your home, then you can find some really good help from this article. There are two parts in the maintenance schedule. First is cleansing and second storage.
Both are equally important as cleaning silver repairs and storage help to stay clean. It's like this. Silver sjövägen is sensitive. It stands in danger from friendly sjövägen sources such as mineral water, soap, sweat, dust and detergents. It can also get oxidized sunlight leaving deep purple residue on the surface. So, here comes the importance of storage, leasing avoids the contact of corroding agents. So store them safely when you are not wearing them. Be careful when you are wearing them. And to store it, you have to clean it.
Very important, always remember to always sjövägen have clean silver bone dry before storing. sjövägen Wrapping pieces of tissue paper or a soft cloth is an excellent idea. It is necessary to prevent similar sharp silver jewelry with diamond. And it is also important to give some breathing space silver, which kept.
However, avoid keeping the silver in direct contact with the wood. Wood usually contain acids that can darken the finish. If you are storing jewelry in hermetic bags, never use plastic bags poly vinyl. The sulfur will ruin silver plastic. Also remember that cardboard box or ordinary paper also contain sulfur in them. You can use a bag made of tarnish-proof cloth instead.
Now that the party cleaning maintenance of silver. The first step is to decide the cleaner and cloth to clean. House hold cleaning solutions such as soda solution of baking lukewarm water, water-ammonia mixtures (1:1 ratio) solution or toothpaste can be used, but it is advisable to use specific cleaning prescribed by the goldsmiths. Otherwise, distilled or filtered water is the best choice. Make sure the toothpaste with gel and contains no whitening substance. Also, make sure to carefully use a cleaning solution specifically for silver and encrusted gemstones in jewelry.
Cleaning is much better to use soft cotton cloth full. special silver cleaning clothes are available sjövägen in jeweler's store. Remember not to wash clothes, as this will wash jeweler's rouge by fabric. If using a toothbrush sjövägen then make sure the bristles are softest. Do not be too rough and abrasive on metal. You have to be patient and gentle on the piece. Remember to clean the jewelry length, circular motion sjövägen while cleaning is a risk of scratching the piece.
But, of course, they do not mean you can not wear your silver regularly. In fact, regularly wearing the sterling, with proper care, increase the life of silver tarnish and help it remain free for a long long time.
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