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Ammonia, alcohol, chlorine and bleach can cause permanent damage to your sterling silver jewelry. I

Sterling Silver Jewelry - Cleaning and Storage Tips | Gold
Cleaning sterling silver jewelry is not as simple as you might think. Pieces that are not worn for long periods of time can become dull and tarnish. By following these tips below can help you save time you spend on cleaning, damage and make it last for many years.
Ammonia, alcohol, chlorine and bleach can cause permanent damage to your sterling silver jewelry. It is recommended that you use commercial sterling silver cleaning products because it is specially designed for this purpose live clean but if you can not find one then you can use baking soda, free abrasive tooth paste, mild or no phosphate detergents live clean instead .
Each sterling silver jewelry tarnish proof cloth must be store and airtight bag. Never let your sterling silver jewelry exposed live clean to gases, air, salt, excessively humid areas and sunlight for a long time because it can cause oxidation leading to corrode and tarnish.
perfume, make-up, cologne, hair spray or some other beauty can accelerate the oxidation process. Put on your sterling silver jewelry only when you have finished your make-up or perfume.
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