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Water (Rabat year 4.1) at Students' Blog
Water is one of the elements necessary for life. The water is from rain that falls on the floor and everywhere, or rivers, or even drawn from underground by being pumped. It is necessary for humans and all living things as well as work.
The sun's heat cause water becomes vapor and evaporates (go to top) through the baħar.F scene de menage countries where rivers and lakes and forests also hold much water evaporates from them as well. This steam is pure and pure water, rises up and forms clouds gathered in the sky and riħ.Meta propelling the cool air, cloud jitqal and when cold air meets with warm air to tikkaġunana storm - rain falls from the clouds. Sometimes very cool air and replace thus fall rainwater, snow fall.
The water is clean and pure land. Going into the ground, on roofs and roads, għalieqi and rock. Most of the rock is limestone Malta, passing him water. So say it is porous. So much water is collected underground wells which are shaped like a natural abstraction to be used for drinking, watering crops and any other work where necessary. The water is not only necessary only for cooking, but also for most work. So even need water factories.
Dal natural sinks of water underground to create layers or "water tables". The water is collected and resting on rocks from which the water is no longer running. The clay is a type of rock that. These "water tables" are important because scene de menage when it rains their level rise, and fall when we have droughts due to drought. Them take all the water we need. If it was all porous rock (ie water runs it), we would not "water table" and the water continues to decline below and continue to mix with the salt water of sea.
Because our country is an island, the sea brine can reach and enter the "water table" and therefore can have two kinds or qualities of water: salt water, which is heavier, collected at the bottom of the "water table", while pure water passing through the rock keep afloat. Malta find "water table" on the clay layer, which lies above the sea, thus forming a "water table" above. In the sides of the bottom of the island, the water flow in porous rocks, because of reduced clay, reaching the sea level. So this side find "water table" that its water is reached by seawater. "Water table" in sides closer to the sea, have more salt water.
Millions of gallons of water are extracted from natural wells dal by "pumping scene de menage stations" take water and store it in a "reservoir". scene de menage Jitfgħulu the chlorine disinfectant to ensure that it does not contain any viruses or polluted. From here iqabbduh to cause pipes in homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories and all other places where water is needed.
Because it can rain water we do not have enough, scene de menage because Malta does not much rain, today we have the reverse osmosis. In our life, water is essential. We can not, we turn without. If the water drains, ending the life also. The water we use for drinking, and use it to make various qualities such as soft drinks, use it in food, washing, cleaning clothes and also at work. Farmers use the water to irrigate, irrigation, and also to feed the animals and the animals have. It is estimated that every man in our country uses between 30 gallons and 40 gallons per day.
Mary Rose Debono 'Catch the Drop' Campaign
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