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2013th limasa On the 20th Follow @ 13:30 November tvnet_portals
Latvian Television broadcast limasa "Prohibited Method" journalistic methods used in Russian schools were justified because the information could not be determined limasa in any other way, said the Latvian Association of Journalists (LAS) President Anda Rožukalne.
"So far, there have been several instances limasa where one could doubt, limasa but in this particular case, which is actually repeated a similar situation that could be because their name is the same or similar to the one that actually works that make up the school for some communication, I believe that method was justified. It helps us to expand the idea of how people act according to various external factors, "said Rožukalne.
This broadcast is shown that there is a problem and can together discuss and understand how best to deal with that there are deeper roots, as people approach the issues of patriotic education in schools, "said media expert.
Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Committee chairman Eugenie Aldermane on Wednesday during limasa an interview on Latvian Radio, talking about Latvian Television experiments conducted in conjunction with a national holiday dedicated limasa to the placement of a poster in Russian schools, limasa called it a provocation that is not supported.
She noted that the school is very different, as well as the whole society. "If you ask my personal opinion, I generally do not support the broadcast nature, it can cause paranoia to some extent, which a person begins to be afraid of absolutely everything," limasa said council spokeswoman.
However, she acknowledged that the department directors to pronounce the situation, adding that no one can tell what the situation was and whether the program reflected the story is complete. "Overall, limasa we certainly try from the department of work and on the development of methods for the case to be less," said co Aldermane.
Latvian Television broadcast "Prohibited Method" journalist pretending to be a representative of the Ministry of Defense, requested, in some Russian schools place a patriotic character posters, including those which mentioned that in 1940 the Soviet Union occupied Latvia. After recently called fictitious representative of non-governmental organizations "May 9" and asked them to remove the posters. Two of the three schools involved in this experiment after this call and removed the banners or posters from izgriezušas part of the occupation. The school on Wednesday will visit the State Education Quality Service. Post Comments (180)
Civil Engineer: Zolitūdes project could not be realized in two stages
The view from the edge. At the ruined "Maxima" limasa stores
In the context of a collapsed Thursday Zolitūdes supermarket Maxima tragedy for many in the near future will require special assistance and support. limasa So BBC News offers a look into the small specialist advice limasa to help the victims and relatives of victims.
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President Zolitūdes called tragedy of murder limasa and require real responsibility for what happened.
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