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Walls, stable accessories (trough, columns, partitions, doors, etc.), and the drains should be prim

Đubar, mat scraps gradiva of food and other coarse dirt should, if necessary, after the previous disinfection, remove and collect in the yard or somewhere else within gradiva the protection circuit, where it will be burned, buried or desinfikovati. Current dirt collect in the pit for osoku or another gradiva pit. If the walls of the country, then you should be with them and take off the top layer and handle them like the trash. - If the floor of the country, should be removed its upper layer at a depth of at least 10 cm. And every other floor, which passes fluid, should be removed, a layer of earth above the floor, gradiva in how moist liquid secretion, should be removed. With excavated material shall be treated as the đibrem. - If the Damp, then it must be cleaned. It should also be treated with walls, columns (bulkheads) and drain gutters. All the above items, as well as the bed, doors, gradiva etc. should be thoroughly delete. hours hot soda solution (3 kg. washing soda in 100 lit. hot water) gradiva or hot lye (lukšijom).
1) objects with small values, if they can up to be burned. Wooden vessels and means of transport to the hot solution of baking or boiling lye (lukšijom) thoroughly scrubbed. Courts and articles of iron and other metals, unless desinfikuju fire must be izaprati hot water.
Slurry and dirty water should desinfikovati by lime, thick milk of lime, lime chlorine or chlorine-thick lime milk. It should also be used at least one part of lime or lime chlorine gradiva or three pieces of thick lime or chlorine-lime gradiva milk on the table deloza slurry or dirty water, all stir well, then leave to stand for at least two hours.
Walls, stable accessories (trough, columns, partitions, doors, etc.), and the drains should be primed with chlorine-lime milk, saline or kaporita gradiva kreolina. Courtyards and contaminated sites in the pasture to political diluted lime milk, chlorine-lime milk or other appropriate means desinfekcionim. During the winter (when the temperature is below 0 SC) can be used kreolina solution, which is added to table salt or fresh slaked lime powder (the solution should not froze).
The choice of disinfectant. When choosing desinfekcionog gradiva funds must take into account the nature and durability gradiva of each germ infection, as well as the composition of items, which we want to desinfikujemo. In addition it should abide by the rules, that addictive substances safely be destroyed, and that without the necessity not to destroy gradiva the objects on which it is located.
Wooden objects, means of transport which are too valuable corpses, đubar and mat sick or dead animals should, according to their values, burn down, fire the flames or grilled or coated solution kreolina. Objects from iron or other metal to sear or paint solution kreolina. * Leather items, especially gradiva shoes and articles of rubber, it should. several times thoroughly rub with a cloth dipped gradiva in a solution kreolina. Pieces suits should leave 24 hours in a solution kreolina or cook together in water vapor. Suits, which are only slightly soiled, can desinfikovati thus, the wet solution KREO lina, and then the wet brush.
Animals should be washed desinfekcionim means prescribed for the species infestation. Especially careful to wash those places, where the skin and hooves were stained with feces and other secretions. Hands and other contaminated body parts should be thoroughly brushed gradiva kreolina solution, and after 5 minutes wash with warm water and soap.
Distinguish infection whose cause can be easily destroyed and that are transmitted, in the main, only by sick animals and infection that is transmitted indirectly. Among the first falls, primarily rabies, among other anthrax, foot and mouth disease, swine fever and contagious swine paralysis. While the first is an important gradiva choice desinfekcionog funds. acting as the mildest, eg. lime, in others we have to be much more careful, because for them the choice desinfekcionog gradiva resources gradiva and the proper implementation of desinfekcije success often depends on the entire disease control. That's why we at each infestation mention desinfekciono means that the best acting against the infection.
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