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Unbelievable story of Nava adopted two sons B

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The truth about how you clean? Sands cleaning? Average? Mg'oifot? So, I dug up this question for a long time, especially when I see around me so full of companies dread the thought that the floor will not be as brilliant palace Queen, I find myself wondering, cv market sometimes even out loud, but this is a topic for another post ("Take the quiz : Are you crazy? "), do I, well, messy.
I admit that with four kids and a small house, the clutter of furniture is essential, and non absolutely necessary, quite large. (Sorry, another small coffee table in the corner of the house just in case if you are more guests it is necessary!) And home circumstance is, shall we say, busy visually. If I want to wrap things beautiful cv market words, so the design style of my house is eclectic, it simply put everything in sight, without much connection between each other. But you left that bullshit, let's talk about cleanliness. My husband and I both work, and the children all frames ended when I come to pick them up, and straight from work .. This means, no moment at home without a Zatot between the legs, or on the couch, or in one of the rooms .. In short, understanding the situation. And no, I do not have enough cash to pay the maid to come once a week for three or four hours to clean and organize. Now .. Why am I telling this to you? Disclosure, a messenger came to me recently with two new cleaning products, and I'm supposed to fill out a questionnaire. Told me "Try them, and answer the questionnaire. This" answered cv market the questionnaire and I want to share with you, just that important to me to calm the patient clean my inner every week or two lifts her head and cries out: "Hello!!!! Lady!!! Not fear what You go home! " How many times a week you current floor? Once a week, more if I spilled a glass of water on the floor, I run a mop .. Do you pour water and wash, or make do with a damp cloth? See answer above, if not spilled a whole cup rag anyway so we just damp .. How many products do you have for washing floors on the shelf? On the shelf where? Supermarket? Geez .. There is full. My house .. Aahhm .. One or two. I think still closed .. What is most important to you - the smell, the percentage of the active substance, or the protection of your hands? Oh, there are also percent cv market of the active ingredient? Wow, I did not know. To this day, I chose as the most beautiful flower that appears on the package .. What is the work of the house hated you (cleaning toilets and bathtubs, washing, floor washing, folding - Ironing, windows? Can choose cv market everything? Then anything. Are you satisfied with the active ingredient multi-purpose, or rather - a separate product for any purpose? Truth, if already , it is better to have one product with which I can do anything. laundry, too, the tools, and if possible, shampoo and conditioner .. how to look in your eyes Closet cleaning ultimate? clean some time cleaning the refrigerator? every time one of the kids forget to close the bottle of Coke and puts it lying .. and when recently moving them in the refrigerator and cleaned behind? recently, when she played the little box with my jewelry and antique ring rolled cv market under the refrigerator .. So I moved. would have to sweep to locate cv market it among the piles of dust.
21. Developed a cleaning tip yourself? Hsfritzr of windows? So that, on the back of a wet sponge, and come on, washing Telecommunications house!
22. What is your cleaning Scratching? Well .. Drop of seriousness, though. Although I am not patient cleaning, or messy as I answered the questionnaire, but one disease I have, and is very serious. Can not go to bed with dishes in the sink, and after the sink clean containers I pour liters of bleach in with a kettle full of boiling water, drowning in the rag of a kitchen sponge of the tools, and only then, when I hear all the bacteria dissolve screaming I can go to bed relaxed.
So I shared with the girls from the group, and suddenly it started, heavy rain of thoughts, hilarious they can throw you off your feet and be thrown so the fringe left, on a variety of topics, only a stern warning before, some information can cause severe nausea ... See Huzhartn! You know ...
More from the age of three, around cv market the time we made our moves for the first time in the heels of the mother, and wore the shirt in her flowery (hello, it was the 80s, so it was a fashion!) And mother wore us belt glitter and dolls wooden cart (so was quality .. ) ever since, ...
There are situations in life, we women choose to follow a mystery, not tried before, just because someone we estimate said this way better, more successful, and this will lead to the desired results. cv market A lot of it relates to the field of children's education, for example "Baby Whisperer" ....
Tell me who you're laughing and telling you what you do not: Why not Uzi Weil satirist
Unbelievable story of Nava adopted two sons B"aimotz open "in California but took it as far as possible. Part Ariel behalf.
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