Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today Hiti huge housewares store. I bought plates, bowls, filters, shower curtain, fruit basket, gl

I threw old books do not need them, sorting paperwork, threw a camera and old packaging. I fixed shelves in the living room. I arranged a cabinet with detergent. Another arranged the porch. I went through all the corners of the apartment and I wrote what I buy and the kitchen will change to "my kitchen" and the apartment will be "my home."
All this gave great feeling. How good to throw out unnecessary things and clean the dust. Just easier to breathe. There was also something symbolic. Along with the things outlets at anthem I felt I threw releases the mental pattern and unpleasant past experiences not serve me anymore.
Today Hiti huge housewares store. I bought plates, bowls, filters, shower curtain, fruit basket, glass boxes and many other cute things. I went home and although I was staring I tidy up new things. At the end, I went to the kitchen and made fried vegetables. Much to my surprise they tasted amazing. outlets at anthem I was just like I've always wanted, and never happened until now. Flavor of the dish was home. With warmth and love. Point of care.
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