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Today, the first generation of

With the first generation of "sixes", Mazda turned to a new and dynamic design, completely uncharacteristic of his previous, somewhat boring and stiff style. Design line, called the "zoom-zoom" remained current until the brand new, recently presented "sixes" third generation. Design was certainly new, but some other things as usual, and it is primarily reliability - something that makes the "Mazda" has always been known.
So, when it appeared the first generation of "sixes" in 2002. year, they were all delighted and external and internal appearance. Attractive mattress cleaning exterior lines are completely isolate this model of competition, and the interior mattress cleaning of the instrument switched on lights in red, clear and attractive controls and decorations colored aluminum, many recalled that the "Alfa Romeo".
Here and driveability were a class better than the older "Mazda", and this model is in later versions even offered a variant with all-wheel drive and sporty "MPS" version of the petrol 2.3 turbo engine, drive all wheels and an impressive 260 hp.
History The first generation model "sixes" appeared in 2002. year. From the engine there were petrol by 1.8, 2.0 and 2.3 liter with 120-166 hp and already next 2003rd appeared hečbek variant "sixes", five-door and wagon versions. With them was introduced and a new engine - two-liter diesel engine from 120 to 136 hp, as well as top-notch version of "sixes" which had 2.3 engine and all-wheel drive and cost more than 30,000 euros. The first redesign followed the 2005th year, it has improved corrosion protection, slightly modified front grille, 2.0 petrol engine has been upgraded mattress cleaning to 147 hp and more powerful diesel with 136 to 143 hp. Next, 2006th The most powerful version was presented with a check mark and MPS 2.3 turbo engine from 260 hp and all-wheel drive. mattress cleaning Production "Mazda6" first generation stopped 2008th in favor of a new model.
Today, the first generation of "sixes" is no longer in the flower of youth, it was recently received granddaughter, presented the premiere auto show in Moscow. However, the arrival of the third generation "sixes", larger and more attractive than ever, can only cheer Used potential customers mattress cleaning first "Mazda6" about which we write here, because the new model will affect the price of the first generation further fall.
How Used "Mazda6" has never been too cheap, this will certainly be an incentive for many to think about this model. mattress cleaning Unfortunately, the supply of used "six" in our market is not rich, because the importers of used vehicles avoided because of high prices, and a modest number of service and expensive parts in our market. However, as we have said, with an additional mattress cleaning price reduction, and because of the emergence of the new generation of this model, and it will eventually alter.
The aforementioned high price is certainly not a coincidence, because during the production of "Mazda6" received mattress cleaning constant praise for the quality and reliability, and the culmination of this was the top mark in the "Auto Bild" supertestu.
The thing is, in fact, only about a two liter engine capacity that is offered in two variants of power with 120 and 136 hp (later 143 hp stronger variants). mattress cleaning Though moderate in consumption and quiet in operation, diesel has had some problems, and they are (exactly in this order) relating to: the electronic engine mattress cleaning control, fuel injection system, mattress cleaning turbine and high-pressure pumps.
In doing so, one should not forget the problems caused mattress cleaning by poor quality diesel mattress cleaning fuel that we can safely say, the specialty of our markets, and the diesel has a floating flywheel, which on average takes about 120,000 kilometers. However, such problems are, literally, unknown in petrol variants. They work, as artists like to say, "flawless", and only in 1.8 and 2.3 gasoline observed increased oil consumption. In doing so, all petrol engines have a chain that can take up to 250,000 kilometers mattress cleaning (Factory recommendation for replacement), and possible problems with fuel are reduced to clogged mattress cleaning injectors and EGR valve fouling, which are routinely solved.
Engine: petrol mattress cleaning / 4 cylinders Displacement (cm3): 1999 Power: (hp) 141 Torque (Nm): 181 at 4500 Front Drive Transmission: manual, 5-degree tires: 205/55 R16 CO2 emissions (g / km): 154 Consumption (l) to 100 km: 8.5 Top speed (km / h): 208 Acceleration to 100 km / h (s): 9.7
Of course, "Mazda6" as most of half has its ugly side, and it is in this case corrosion. mattress cleaning Savings in the wrong place and inattention while concluding that the cause corrosion occurs on the edges of the doors, hood and trunk, underside mattress cleaning and rear border point. This are especially mattress cleaning prone variants "sixes" mattress cleaning made before 2006 and later versions are slightly better and that you should pay attention when choosing the half-measures.
Another not-so-pretty side "sixes & l

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