Wednesday, October 16, 2013

the giving and receiving relationship

Elul is the month last year, and yet is a month that prepares how to get paint out of clothes us for the new year. As such, this month really how to get paint out of clothes is also the month of the closing and the opening. This is the month in which the leave of the past year, close to what was, doing the kind of soul-searching, and getting ready for next year. As with the process of separation, when doing it consciously, has to do first of all summary, then cleaning and separation, and finally preparing the next step.
Now that I think about it, costing me the image of months of pregnancy. I once heard say that pregnancy lasts "Eight months and years." Last month of pregnancy, feeling very 'long' experience, even that is most heavy and difficult to carry, even that has been so waiting for the birth, and that are so afraid of it, in addition to excited for it, for the baby, all night complexity of feelings. Who among us, the women (and often men, the couple really need to), do not know the experience of having to do it clean in the last month of pregnancy, even some order around, and actually not the usual places, rather dark corners, non-daily, it was there Suddenly the woman in the ninth month clean up.
The same month of Elul. This month is the time to close things still open, into all sorts of corners, which are in no hurry to penetrate through the current race of the year, clean out the debris, arrange, rearrange, how to get paint out of clothes and new ground. The corners how to get paint out of clothes of these can be both physically and emotionally in our inner emotional body, mind and soul.
I'm sure that if Stop a minute, and you look at your last week, see you had all sorts of "Clean", maybe they did not have you hired room. It can be a way that you would have something to someone, or he owes you, completed. It could possibly be a something how to get paint out of clothes you need to do for some time, and have come to do - and suddenly how to get paint out of clothes easily happened. It may even be a call someone made to you, or you're with someone else, for something to do in your relationship, how to get paint out of clothes or your connection, 'call room' clarifies something that was there between you. You look carefully and you will find such things. For example, I found myself sending some emails how to get paint out of clothes to people whom I had things open, someone waiting for me to reply to something (something small, no bigger) received a reply, someone who owed me money for months, and I've even given up in me for this amount suddenly himself completed the payment, short and pleasant conversation with someone how to get paint out of clothes who we lost contact like no reason, and much more.
Now it's time to make room consciously. You take a few minutes for each of the following days, and see if there is anything you need to complete, closed, done, clean up, clear - in your life. It can be something that just is not you shut all the way, something you did not do, even though he had long wanted to do, something how to get paint out of clothes that you said, and things like that, but Attention: We are not talking about grandiose things, we are talking about ordinary, everyday things. This does not mean that now begin to do huge tasks that require a lot of forces you, and you reject how to get paint out of clothes for 3 years ... we are talking specifically about really little things, simple. These things you do not accept, acts or talks, leaving a tiny opening through which your energy leaking out, and weakens you, without you even realize why.
So go ahead and start cleaning! And share us. Share them here things you have done, seal, finish, ask, complementary, so it will give ideas to others about themselves. how to get paint out of clothes You are also invited to tell how it felt to you, if anything it has made in your life - you are welcome to share, even to give power to others to do. Of course, questions are welcome, and I will answer how to get paint out of clothes them gladly.
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the giving and receiving relationship
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