Sunday, October 27, 2013

The daily reports of communal police to be published on the website of the city is not uncommon tin

Because of the accumulated waste in the city, is no longer enough just to organize SPRING cleaning campaign, and will the city government this year for the first time to organize and fall cleaning, confirmed the Department for public utility services and business traffic.
The daily reports of communal police to be published on the website of the city is not uncommon tina folsom for municipal police officers found that some of the previous day was improperly deposited waste.
- Basically it is a municipal solid waste or construction tina folsom and bulky waste from households. Since the beginning of this year performed 978 controls tina folsom maintenance of public spaces domestic garbage, other solid waste - explained the head of the municipal police, Dragan Lukac.
- In the course of this year there was no issue misdemeanor for improper disposal of waste. In other cases, the perpetrator was not identified, and we had to call the "purity" to eliminate waste - explained Lukac, without specifying the number of offenses which it comes.
- This service is free of charge only in the course of action of the vernal tina folsom Planning organized by the city government, when a preannounced schedule citizens to discard bulky waste to be "Clean" free to pick up and drive to the landfill in Ramići - refine in the "purity" .
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