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So why talk about money? We are getting a divorce!!! What to do, to divide the property and pay chi

There are those who think that money is the root to all evil, but the cure for sadness. Some say that money is not everything. There are those who believe that if he had money they'd be fine. It all depends country clean on the values and the perception of our reality at a time. Whether you are among these or those - Similarly, talk of "money" is a national country clean matter and form in all range of emotions and feelings ranging from anxiety, tension and discomfort to the sense of security and control.
So why talk about money? We are getting a divorce!!! What to do, to divide the property and pay child support and each party will have L"sbor the head "how to get along later. So you should try to pull the blanket over to our side and us on the flood. Then what? The result is known - economic distress on one or both sides, country clean executing files to collect foods that are paid, fathers who sit in prison country clean and sin have no money and on the other mothers who face alimony evasion punish fathers "and / or just due to lacking priorities and irresponsibility .
So why talk about money? That divorce costs a lot of money: We pay the mediator - perhaps it will help us to divorce. We are paying country clean two lawyers - each to his own. We pay a psychologist - children need reinforcement. We pay personal trainers - must be strengthened. We pay appraisers actuaries and other experts in their decision country clean rule our lives. We pay coffee reader and opens the cards - perhaps mysticism help. We go to meetings reinforced with friends in cafes and restaurants - they moved it and have experience.
However - significantly increasing expenses that: hold two apartments. Need to buy more furniture system and electrical equipment. Have two sets of children. I spend a lot of times out there that what to cook on it just for me. Feel guilty and spend twice the children. One partner (usually the man) pay alimony to the needs of children and income before the divorce. Went back to the market for singles should invest country clean on a diet, Bigot, country clean renovation (face, front view below deck, etc.).
Why talk about money? That: suddenly have less time. Should be available country clean to other children ... suddenly have to take care of all tasks and no one to share. The situation has changed. In a relationship country clean each partner had jobs and had responsibility for some tasks and each focused on some of them. After Frodo all the tasks imposed on each of you. Need to learn to cook, clean and organize the house, deposit money in the bank, to manage an account, pay taxes, pay for education to be in contact with the teachers, talk and listen to children, plan vacations, decide on entertainment, drive and get to looking, park the car. Suddenly need to live independently and manage yourself.
Talking about? Beauty! But - what to do? Make the order without waiting Seder. Doing - in advance - an account of the anticipated income and expenses each partner. The H"hsbon "At this make only logical that dialogue between the parties is an option (sometimes only at the beginning and sometimes towards the end of the process) country clean and put together in the common goal of economic management for future new status, which allows a comfortable life both sides of the equation. Trying to decide in advance about reducing expenses as much as possible at least during the period of adjustment and heavy initial expenses. Define in advance the distribution of resources and results distribution after separation on each side income and expenses. Define what we know to do and what not to get help and tutorials about which we have not seen and not clear to us how it works (bank account, cleanliness, parking, cooking, etc.).
Business mentor, financial advisor, project manager and director of companies. Combines business consulting with business training, creativity and innovation. Gad Jacob degree in agricultural economics and agronomy in subtropical (HU 1987), Masters in Business Administration MBA (University of Tel Aviv in 1997) certification C"mamn expert country clean "by the University of Haifa and ICA (Israeli Coaching Association) Diploma in innovation and training according to purpose. Gad experience working with hundreds of businesses in recent years and large projects it initiated and established. Gad believes that an important move will be planned in advance, in continuous failures, the planned effect can be achieved or close to it as possible. Gad independent director of the Upper Galilee and center. Mobile: 050-6865968
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Prof. Haim Omer - a clinical psychologist and parenting expert Dr. Rina Omar - clinical country clean psychologist specializing in working Dr. Shiri Daniels - Specialist short-term counseling, which manages the national professional association Eran "Hamam Hleihel Attorney - Attorney" d independent legal adviser Eyal NAAMAT northern Rachel - certified coach, specializing in coaching relationship Chamutal second Gat - Mediator country clean and Advocate for Family doe Zachary - Executive Director of the Center for personal development Smadar Weinberg Attorney - Lawyer independent, certified mediator, notary and personal coach Dr. Orly Bloomberg country clean - Oriental - a researcher and lecturer in the field of marriage. Founder "wholeheartedly" Orit Dwek Shoshani country clean - Personal coach graduate bite "strawberry", combines personal training and sports Dr. Rebecca Nardi - writer, handles double personal, group facilitator and lecturer. Dr. Chen Nardi - couples therapist and personal, lecturer and facilitator , the author of many books. Gadi Jacob - business mentor, financial country clean advisor, Project Manager and Director of various companies.
Recent comments Dr. Shiri Daniels, an expert consultation short-term Daniela happen, bravo sensitivity. Children are faced with a complex and demanding mentally, during and following the process country clean of the divorce of their parents. Daughter see your difficulty (that too visible and invisible) and may and she does not want to worry and add difficulties

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