Monday, October 14, 2013

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Year eve of Yom Kippur, a group from my community to participate in the project called "Amen." The idea, the whole organization and execution was one of the community members who recruited his friends to join him, and not mine. Here's the ad text that was sent to members of the community accepted before special days such as Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah Tisha B'Av many tend to visit their loved ones buried in various cemeteries around the country. Sometimes our visits (not us) cemeteries we are exposed to quite a small mission came to visit graves or another, widow visiting her late husband or a small number of children next clean up the graves of their parents. Those people usually do not get a broad enough community that allows them to read Kaddish cleaners for their loved one and / or make him "who blessed the deceased." Project "and say Amen" is a wonderful project and an exciting set up my friend in the city of Netanya, every night This Christmas comes forum of about 30 young people to cemeteries in Netanya and moving cleaners among the graves, say Kaddish or just meet and do "one who is blessed" and letters took those interested. No fundraising, no request for consideration, just walk around and help them. A small cemetery in intelligence and I myself am not familiar with the move these days, but I definitely want to do this year on Yom Kippur pilot, get with at least ten members to the cemetery and try to help those visitors to meet and / or say Kaddish for their loved ones who blessed. Anyone who can take part in this project, on the eve of Yom Kippur morning, after prayers. Hour / two / three, bless him. And the next Yom Kippur, posted cleaners the following cleaners message: So thank God we won. Was launched project and say Amen first time with us in intelligence. Was one of the special days and exciting. Later Pardons and morning we boarded the cars and drove to the cemetery, we passed between the visitors and the graves. Completed their tally. We made them at the wake and told them Mourner's Kaddish. It was amazing to see the gratitude. any tears in the eyes and the excitement of the mother. their father says Kaddish for us thanks to a full and great difficulty and crying while. slowly around people who understand the concept and began hand signs asking us also migrate towards them to help them honor the souls buried there. were quite a few pieces exciting. were those who refused if only because they did not believe that a group of young people will rotate among the graves without asking for compensation, and were afraid that we are riding on this holy day to raise these funds. away we returned cemetery intelligence have been here even knew some families that kept us more tombs. dessert we finished all the day mikvah. Thanks so much to all members despite the early hour of repentance cleaners Join this journey congratulations great hope that next year we will spend two teams at least. A special thanks Dear man named Joseph Makhlouf sustains this project for several years in Netanya and told me about. because of you the idea to do it here too. Ashreichem Israel!
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