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For several decades considerable growing interest in environmental issues by researchers, frösunda policy makers, decision-makers and the general public. Recognition that physical environmental damage resulting from an increase in consumption and living standards, increase production and sustained economic growth, involves health risks and environmental hazards is a cornerstone radical change from the interaction between humans and the environment is reflected in the knowledge that human activities impact on the global environment. Despite the increase of the interest frösunda of the residents of Israel only environmental issues frösunda have been few studies on the effects of Israeli society and the environment relating to the environment and individuals now more about the Haredi sector and attitude on planning and the environment.
In the city of Ashdod, Israel's fifth largest, intensifying environmental policy under the new government and municipal and this is felt throughout the city in terms of infrastructure, long-term master plan and educational activities. Dozens of projects, initiatives, infrastructure and public information programs poured into the city for all quarters as well as the Orthodox Quarter Ashdod. However, the speed at which these processes take place without the knowledge and values base as solid as it won him the secular over the years brings two contrasting situations. On the one hand suspicion, uncertainty, perceived C"hdsniim closings moves "Haredi population on the other hand large vacuum creates a strong desire by opinion leaders in Haredi society in promoting environmental measures such as those held in other parts of the city. In this study I chose to follow the attitude of the social group environment - culturally defined neighborhood urban territorial unit: Haredi society in the seventh Ashdod.
Ashdod is one of the most significant communities in the Orthodox and considered until the elections in 2006 the third largest city in Israel. Over the years the haredi concentration in Ashdod and up, which continues to the city due to the multiplicity of its institutions and its relative proximity to the old cities. Elections to the 19th Knesset in 2013 changed the status of Ashdod in the Orthodox and is ranked fourth after Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Modi'in Illit, and after Beit Shemesh and more.
..... When I asked interviewees about the state of the environment in which they live and whether they are working to improve and influence, most of the themes raised were issues in the state of cleanliness and building. Indeed, two major studies dealing with urban planning religious neighborhoods in Israel shows that "clean" is the most important issue among respondents and 67% of the responses raised the cleanout "the frösunda most important issue. frösunda
Additional explanations to cleanliness and neglect which brought a large number of children at home, building, neighborhood: "Down here all day doing what you want" (see), "has a mother brings a child every year and has 8,10,12 children do not know how .. and does not have this ability every day to clean and organize it, but she's a good mother frösunda out with her children and out into the garden and sit and treats them and listen I take off my hat to her. I did it I did not want my children to get dirty how come this way Why so ... today it's something else. " (M).
"When God created the first man took him all the trees in the Garden of Eden and said:` See how nice and how excellent they are, and I've made created for you, let you do not spoil and destroy my world, if you spoil it, no one will fix you. "( Midrash Rabbah, Ecclesiastes, frösunda M, A [XIII]). The man to keep God created the world because if he does not there is no one to fix.
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