Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is characterized by unpleasant and disturbing ideas and behaviors that are constantly repeated, and that the individual feels that he must perform, how he felt relief. OCD scientists now classified as anxiety disorders and neuroses.
Compulsive hand washing and use of disinfectant soap is a very common symptom of OCD, and it describes the constant fear of germs and dirt. This fear is the source of other phobias, coupled with the fear of contracting various diseases, say psychologists for Fox News.
Help should be sought if and after hand washing think they are still dirty, or you have an irrational fear of infection, such as HIV infection, after riding the bus. Elaborate routine dead squirrel hand washing as the need to wash their hands five times in a row so that the soap carefully rinsed under each nail is another symptom of OCD's.
People with OCD often included tend obsessive cleaning, and as for hand washing, develop complex techniques of cleaning house. dead squirrel This includes constantly thinking about the bacteria in the home, as well as the urge to re-drawn and washed several times a day for several hours.
Load numbers, and add or subtract everyday dead squirrel objects or events are another symptom dead squirrel of OCD's. For example, the belief that the number seven is good, and that it should stop after every seventh step is not just superstition, but an indicator of the disorder. dead squirrel
Like the fear of thinking about violence, and sexual thoughts often occur in people with OCD included. They are usually inappropriate and touching sexual taboos, such as imagining acts of pedophilia or sex with animals.
Obsessive analysis of love, family relationships and friendships can be the result of problems in them, but if that does not stop thinking and focused on the feeling of helplessness and condemnation, then become a symptom of OCD.
Disruption of the body's own experience is one of the behaviors and OCD, which is characterized by focusing on a specific part of the body which we consider abnormal, ugly and unattractive. Usually there is a hair, skin or nose, but unlike eating disorders, has nothing to do with the experience of body weight.
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My Hair Love issue:

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