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Mladen Sučić, war invalids from Old Bile in central Bosnia in June 2007th The loan is to buy a car

Mladen Sučić, war invalids from Old Bile in central Bosnia in June 2007th The loan is to buy a car Golf IV. The vehicle was customized drivers without one leg. Two months after buying the car disappeared from SUČIĆ garage.
Parts of this and other stolen cars Federation Police (FUA) was found in October 2007. year during the search autootpada of chest Western Herzegovina is having Mate Simic.
Officers at autootpadu and other facilities owned or used by Simic and his colleagues found 87 cars, whole or in parts. Expert testimony established that the vehicles were stolen in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Croatian and European Union countries. In addition to the vehicle were found various documents for their identification, blank proprietary disinfection cards from Switzerland and other evidence that indicated that the Simic bought and sold stolen cars and forged ownership documents.
Sučić and other owners of the police never informed that their cars and found them to be downloaded. To make matters worse, the Court in Siroki Brijeg ruled that the remains found in the vehicle return Šimićev autootpad.
Information disinfection about your car Sučić has only recently received, from the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN). He was unpleasantly surprised. She says she immediately disinfection reported the theft to local police, but they were never informed about the results of the search.
Engine and other parts Sučićevog disinfection cars in the past six years stood at the police depot in Ljubuski, along with other vehicles and seized parts Simic waste. Were used as evidence at trial Simic. He 2010th was sentenced to three years and eight months in prison for concealing stolen vehicles and intended to sell them. However, a year and a half later, at the retrial, Simic was acquitted of the charges. Although the Court found who the real owners of the vehicles, they are not informed disinfection where their cars are.
"You know that the person you need a vehicle that can not move a meter without a vehicle?" Says Sučić today repaid more than 23,000 KM loans for both cars. "Can disinfection you now imagine how I felt?"
In the meantime, he contacted the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Central Bosnia Canton, where he was told to contact the FUP-in. Though several times sent inquiries from FUP and has not received a response. disinfection Theft jeep
A similar fate is shared by Philip Lilleyman, a retired British soldier and diplomat whose Jeep Cherokee was found in the same autootpadu. The vehicle was stolen in Trebinje in eastern Herzegovina, where Lilleyman with his wife Linda bought the house for the holidays.
Jeep is an older vehicle that is very related to his wife. "She loved that car. It is in some way a part of our past, "explains Lilleyman CIN. He says that he bought the 1999th in America, later used in Africa and the UK, only to be eventually left in Trebinje.
The two of them each year in this town spend a few months, and the rest are in his native disinfection Britain. There they were, and found information on the theft of the car. Lilleyman recalls that the theft took place beginning of 2007. year and that the thieves did not immediately stole the car, because there was no battery.
The first news about the car he was three months ago of CIN. According to the judgment Mati Simic, Lilleyman his car got back nearly three years ago. He says that's not true. After talking with a reporter went to the police station in Trebinje, where he reported the theft, and they contacted colleagues in Ljubuski.
The vehicle has been deleted from the original numbers stamped chassis and new, making the thieves tried to hide real ownership. The police explained that they would have to take before driving the car at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo, which has the authority to re-pressed original identification number.
Lilleyman says that after all not worth undergoing complicated procedures to restore the car driveable, "Now the car is almost 16 years old and I know that in the UK can get a sedan, the same age of less than 4,000 KM."
Him in the police explained that his car could not occur earlier because of alleged errors by some of the police made when entering the identification number of its vehicles in the database found the vehicle. He says he's disappointed and that he looks as if there was no real action to find his stolen vehicle. Restoring cars autootpad
However, they are not returned to their owners because disinfection Šimićeva defense appealed the verdict on the Cantonal Court in Siroki Brijeg. Judge Katica Artuković, who led the appeal process, said that it was an evidentiary material that is kept until the proceedings have been completed.
First instance verdict in October 2010th The Simic was convicted of offenses of concealing disinfection things obtained offense and preparing the offense to imprisonment for a period of t

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