Monday, October 21, 2013

Love to use cooking onion, mustard and pepper. Of all the complicated recipe. Enthusiastically into

Life magazine - What is the attitude of the various zodiac cooking?
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Cancerians know how to cook from intuition Photo: USU F. Creative | Carlos Horta, Shutterstock
Love to use cooking onion, mustard and pepper. Of all the complicated recipe. Enthusiastically into the kitchen, as if into battle. Impulsive, full of resourcefulness cleans and initiative and announces loudly that he was going to cook. Went straight to the point, loud and gets hit in the head beginning closets when he bends over to take a pot. Want to see instant results. Cook everything at once and burn pots. Want to see some of the dishes prepared right away. Lamb and cook generous quantities than the quantity required. His sink full of dishes, and he uses all the pots and templates that house. Almost impossible to be with him in the kitchen. Bold and love to try new foods and groceries. No patience to cook a recipe is written, it makes shortcuts and finishes exhausted to cook. Best to leave him alone in the kitchen. Bull
Love to cook wheat, blueberries, grapes, apples, mint, thyme and thyme. Into the kitchen slowly and patiently heavily. He prepares all the dishes in advance, cleans plan to slowly, thinking, playing it safe, brewing his own pace. Not like a pressure cooker. He has the strength to lift heavy pots, stand on your feet for a long time.
Bull does everything quietly and peacefully, singing quietly to himself and focuses on cooking. He does not mind if someone came into the kitchen. Is conservative, not usually try new recipes or complicated, like to cook what simple, familiar and check. No talking while cooking, watching and cooking with emotion and love. Cook nutritious food and filling. Serves cleans fancy food. He does not buy expensive things and throw shells. Is measured and careful cooking. Guard not to spoil and burn pots and dishes. His tools are always in the same place: at the beginning and at the end of cooking. Is economical, neat, thorough, and not messy. Cook tasty and pleasant. Remain concerned that some of the dishes tomorrow. You can count on no one gets left him hungry.
Love cooking with parsley, fennel, oregano, caraway, nuts, sesame cleans seeds, carrots and lettuce. He makes plans to go into the kitchen, buying groceries, Recipe Collection, plan to cook a thousand doses. In and out of the kitchen a few times and leave everything cleans in the middle. Is a brilliant design full meal. He cooks both complex and complicated recipes at the same time, to make it interesting. Not able to start and finish one recipe to the end. Sometimes while cooking is inviting someone to come be with him, so as not to bore him. Usually recruiting a friend or neighbor and everyone into the kitchen and cook a great meal. Is the king of improvisation, complicates matters but know to find a solution immediately. Cancer
Love to cook fish, seafood and aquatic fruit like watermelon, cantaloupe, citrus, cleans cucumber. Love to cook and pamper the family. cleans Food while cooking and know what everyone likes. Able to cook separately in several separate pots with different amounts cleans of spices. And spending a lot of trouble and very offended if you do not finish eating everything. Is suspicious groceries, fresh checks and amounts. A collection of recipes, pots and dishes. If the bowl of his grandmother cleans or his mother breaks down, it will be a sad few days.
Cancer can cook with intuition and happy when everyone sitting around the table. There is always something to eat with him, and he loves who want him to take some of what he cooked home. Looking into the success of others and asks if everything is fine. Usually cooks as they cooked him in childhood, not forgetting the old and traditional cleans recipes. Trying to cook food easy to digest, like cooking soups of all kinds. Even simple, everyday meals applicable cleans Map and'll make it on the table at least one tool from the parents. Lion
Love to cook with oregano, rosemary, saffron, rice, beef and quality cleans materials. When he entered the kitchen, taking care to be known. Excellent cook, who manages to naturally cook delicacies. No matter what he cooks, he always succeeds. If someone cleans offers to help him, he immediately he divides roles but remains king kitchen. It is brimming with energy cleans and making sure they had better tools, durable cleans and impressive in their physical form to submit them to the table. Like buying cleans groceries and taking care of the meat itself will be best.
Lion cooks nutritious food and know diversify cleans colors and flavors. Even if family cleans members do not help him in the kitchen, is satisfied that occasionally someone will come, glorify and praise him to continue diligently to cook. He cares about the house and knows Submit impressive cleans and delicious dishes. Must compliment him or he was so hurt he can not feed himself. Usually leaves kitchen clean and tidy, and help him to give all the credit to his will. He likes to drink and cook with wine, so that I can just go out to him majestic and is able to cook for large events even without cleans any training. Virgin
Love to cook with natural herbs he grinds himself. cleans Potatoes, carrots, onions. Just went into the kitchen and had he grumbles, complains and complains that he had no time to cook. He had to start cooking in the kitchen clean and tidy, preparing the dishes, ingredients and recipe. If there is someone at home, he asks why no special grater, speaking for himself and not among those who changed the order of the tools.
Sharp eye examines the entire kitchen and start cooking like he VAT

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