Monday, October 28, 2013

I have previously cooked in this outfit, whether it

Yesterday I was getting things of my to do list, taking clothes to dry cleaners, shoes to be re-healed coit and all that sort of boring, yet rewarding stuff. coit Somewhere near my cobbler we stopped coit to take outfit photos, hence the casual sort of look + coffee. I love layering coit knits with big chunky blazers, and thought this combination worked coit perfectly well. As soon as I get back home today I will reply to all of your comments from previous posts, so do not forget to check back :) Yesterday I was finishing a few things off my to-do list, you took my clothes dry cleaned, shoes with the cobbler and so. Pretty boring jobs, but the bass you make me very happy when they're done. Somewhere near my cobbler we stopped to photograph outfit, coit so that images are unplanned, little spontante and hence the coffee. I love putting on layers, so that through this, the higher the number, jacket goes well with thick sweaters and layers. As soon as I get home I will answer all your comments from previous posts that I got to dedicate myself yesterday, so do not forget to stop by later :)
What books do you have fashion on Table? Reply Delete
I have Lauren Conrad Style Book, Victoria Beckham That Extra Half An Inch, I have a couple of Bobbi Brown books sminci, Harpers Bazaar and book Katie Price Style book. That's all treunutno, but changes according to what I take from the shelf: **** Delete
Sjajnoooo! One of your best posts so far! Perfectly blended combination, absolutely everything I like! That means you supporting wear white jackets and winter? Although here is a function of the coat ... Bravo, Tamarice, many beautiful! xoxo, Tatjana Bg Reply Delete
Perfect jacket and sweater! Very nice outfit! Reply Delete
amazing outfit! you look adorable ... Reply Delete
I have previously cooked in this outfit, whether it's to the point that I kept staring somewhere or because the sweater is very thick, I do not know. Otherwise I jakoooo sensitive to the cold person and every time I have a cold: (You're right, I went to the car, although they still have the coat, the "you never know" coit hehe: ** Delete
Anonymous 12 January 2013 15:32
Tamara, I need your advice. I have black shoes on high heels, they are patent, about 10 cm, are, and are classic. I'm curious, when are you supposed to buy a bag of them, what would you be? I Zela letter bag? Hello <3 Reply Delete coit
If you wanna exclusively for shoes to buy a bag, then so be it slightly larger letter bag, patent, black. Then the two you want to carry with you can do whatever you want. On the other hand when kombinujes patent black shoes with autfit, can any bag. See my posts with MMM for HM shoes, they are black patent: * Delete
very good combination, but I do not dopadaju.cudi boots me from you you want to carry a fairly low-quality footwear, and you use top quality makeup, always have a beautiful purses and sl.miss sixty footwear is rather poor, more fitting for girls aged 15-16 years who are more "search" in the fashion coit smislu.konkretno These boots are not bad, but this kilometric label "Miss Sixty" is a crime ... Do not Fuck with me, this is just konstatacija.cesto and praise, so I have to make a critique when I think I have a reason: - * Reply Delete
I have to comment on this :) I can not agree with your statement, because we literally all shoes, boots, footwear Miss Sixty at all just because of the convenience. For a long time I asked for comfortable shoes and bass with them I found them :) Delete
Very nice! The most I like the sweater! coit I asked a couple of questions in Instagram post # 14 regarding showers for fathers, The Secret, etc. I'm interested in your opinion on the following: I heard that acidic water has a positive effect on the face, ie women who wash acid water are young and clean face in their late years for minerals, cations, anions, etc. that this water contains! What do you think and have you ever tried this method? coit :) Reply Delete coit
Mineral coit water is good for people, coit because it destroys the so-called free radicals, that is what affects the aging of the skin, creating pimples etc. .. I think it is not scientifically proven effects, but it is worth a try: * Delete
Anonymous 12 January 2013 16:41
Naghmeh coit 12 January 2013 17:23
I think it's great what's Chiara achieve and I am really happy that there are many opportunities coit for bloggers. As the first blogger is concerned, I think it would be impossible to say, because a lot of blogging has evolved from the very beginning: (: * Delete
Anonymous 12 January coit 2013 21:25
I think here nobody nobody imitated, this is not the point of blogs. Zoran and I and we have very similar tastes or completely different. For example, often we like identical thing, or sometimes it is something very interesting, and I can and obrnutno. I do not know why you think that the Z model TBS, have totally different style :) Delete
Anonymous coit 13 January 2013 10:32
Such a cute outfit, I love it! I adore the idea of a knitted sweater underneath a blazer, that's such a stylish solution to wearing something warm. + That bag is aaamazing, I'd love

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