Saturday, October 19, 2013


"Do clean and dry not you cleaned the classroom today," she says. "What? Sure it is," I reply. "Not good enough," she insists. "Okay," I'm confused. "You go back to school clean and dry and clean," she declares.
It dawns. I am in school clean and dry at six in the evening, after returning here especially, brush grade that if I fall on the floor food - three seconds left, even after three days I would eat it with gusto. And not just because I'm disgusting. That the floor is clean. clean and dry H and I just do not know what we were called back to the flag.
"You mean to tell me it dirty?" H asked. "What a dirty, you'll see how everything shiny," I reply. "So what are we doing here? For what we were punished?" H. went hard. "I have no idea," I said honestly.
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