Friday, October 11, 2013

Edit: At the request of many customers syracuse indiana that your description of a day in golf ....

At the present time in the small ads are offering all sorts of things. Anyone who sells anything bother you that this is a better description, a man on a website selling your golf has definitely surpassed all ads seen so far. Read it in the description of your golf says owner who sells it.
If das 300 evrica you get the FREE car. In my ownership 3 years and 2 months. Gas is certified syracuse indiana and consumption is 8 liters outdoors. The car is in running condition. The front left fender is a little batty, but I do not mind me and pretend not to see him. Payment only SOLAR - steam in the sun! Can in 3 installments, syracuse indiana but when you get the war das third and auto. I do not say that I alum, CASTIC and two liters of gasoline, one percent more bitter coffee we maloprjie missing sugar and you are entitled to two glasses of cherry juice.
No replacements are not interested in me! That means, no day-old chicks, or semi-automatic rifle, or chainsaws, or seed corn, or second-hand computers, or rotary grinder or Sjenica cheese, or tarot cards, or manure, or duck, Sotka, geese, waterfowl, rabbits guinea fowls, pigs, horses, cows, ... and to mention that I'm not interested in replacing the dog food, the balance syracuse indiana of Stang yuga, for concrete mixers, for baled alfalfa ... None twine for hanging and torture devices people are not interested in me!
Registration expires somehow syracuse indiana the very end, new tires just what we do tire naizvrat fit them so they do not see sare al have my mother, heating is an excellent summer and winter have 2 jambolije so wrapped, and if you have more in the car and fail nadihat little , limarijski healthy, not the best there is some work, some day I dropped the stack of cigars and some felt the wind drops you below. People just KES! What is not clear here?!
Hurry people to purchase that I had to lower the prices on the 120e for a car. Just kidding of course, what you receive?! Prices can only go up as though the crisis in the Middle syracuse indiana East, and these Koreans I suspect (or Koreans?! Ma does not matter). Edit: Since I was not clear up so we appear syracuse indiana questions such as:
to emphasize, no helicopters, airplanes, winks, I must cease to be people to climb a ladder to sit in the helicopter, and that no mention tanks, howitzers, cannons, tile, gutters, fountain, water tank, water heaters do not interest me bathe exclusively Bokalič. They have two small spots of the rear seat, how the chickens once entered through the floor to lay as many eggs, so once knew and Horoz enter and pisses over neprimjeto but, more to hear than what is seen.
Edit: Since I see that there are many people interested in golf to just mention that the equipment has a triangle, I had a ruler and a compass somewhere but it turned out I thought I will give you the key to spark plugs but I will not, they never stung Disgusting is God it does not unscrew so that FREE does not burden syracuse indiana the trunk, first aid kit you have in every city some people syracuse indiana have called the ambulance, and I will give you and the pump, that nekazem not given anything, since my tires a little bleak, first cast the first start, and while it Pump a then let the left rear, and while her right hand, and then the last at the end of the first right to leak, and when you're so Pump a quiet next 534 meters and again Pohit, and do not ask for rezevne vain Changing the both, admittedly at this left no valve and otherwise it is good, but I put the valve that racetrack pull out by the system, and I reckon the valve from the right tires.
Edit: If you say a word about the engine, 1.1 petrol though fallen co los diesel, spark plugs were never touched, the oil is not to spend some consumes everything, so I began to pour cooking syracuse indiana oil floriol me come out cheaper, manual transmission, 4-speed upgrade to the first and second perfect work from the third and fourth outstanding but certainly nothing to do until we get to them izduhale syracuse indiana tires, brakes work but not hinder, syracuse indiana the pad also never changed and what can not, and would braked, a handheld, hand is the right Darnes hampers, just as it tore the last time I pulled back and now has a hole between the seats, air filter also does, we throw a lot at Iber so I could've alternately filetere so I put a piece of sponge 10ke essential mucus, lights work but do not see, I can see little syracuse indiana things like that il Maybe I felt percent strained co horse when driving at night, so that you do not see the midnight to hear al percent we exhaust also does, I have the branches to half the car and what half odpalo one occasion.
Edit: At the request of many customers syracuse indiana that your description of a day in golf ..... you get up around 8 am in the morning, turn on the TV appearance news at 7, then take the keys from Golfin that you start Palit percent I want to go somewhere around noon, when they go outside I see it in the yard back to the house and Stuff 2 3 glass of brandy to come seb then again go outside,,, e now arises dramaturgy, grinds golf and hurdy-gurdy and I, and so around 9:30 in the house for breakfast and always leave some child from your neighbors that grinds maybe it works, when I eat then gather 2 3 neighbors to push and shortly after the half-key work, earplugs, and I recommend that my doctor ii examination was muzzled by the mouth and flows

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