Friday, October 4, 2013

Cleaning nozzle fuel injection in modern cars is done with the help of electromagnetic injector noz

Cleaning nozzle fuel injection in modern cars is done with the help of electromagnetic injector nozzles whose task is to disperse the mixture hoarding buried alive of fuel and air in a fine mlaza.Ceo fuel injection system and especially the injectors are very sensitive to the dirt that is in the system. The most common cause soiling nozzles are impurities that are in many ways due in the system, either through a fuel supply or via the air intake. Low quality fuel, irregular replacement of the fuel filter and air filter cause the occurrence of particles which cause problems when passing a mixture of air and fuel through a tiny nozzle openings. Dirty nozzles can not properly disperse fuel but produce larger droplets hoarding buried alive that tend to spark spark ignites. As a preventive injection system problems it is necessary hoarding buried alive to regularly changed the fuel filter and air filter. In most cases, selection of high-quality fuels and regular replacement of filters enable a smooth and efficient operation of the system for many years. Symptoms that you notice when you nozzle fouling include: increased fuel consumption, hoarding buried alive power loss, difficulty starting the engine, disarrangement work at idle, twitches driving. There are two ways to clean nozzles ultrasonic cleaning nozzles Validation al. nozzles made a special camera and includes leak test, test flow and form the jet injection and checking electrical safety most effective way to clean the nozzles their removal from car sinking in an ultrasonic bath, where, under the influence of ultrasound and special cleaning liquids nozzle , all dirt and breaks odlepljuje the inner walls of nozzles and goes out of her. After that, the nozzle blowing air under pressure in the direction opposite to the flow of gasoline and thus the cleaning process hoarding buried alive ends. The nozzle is then testira.P ons to check on the flow and shape of the jet injection. After that, if correct, nozzles hoarding buried alive are mounted on the vehicle nozzle cleaning hoarding buried alive Wynns method (Wynns system) There is another way that does not require dismantling hoarding buried alive al. nozzles with the engine. Cleaning is done on the vehicle, using a camera and special liquids that motor sagoreva.Na this manner shall be clean fuel injection system, hoarding buried alive el. nozzles, intake valves and piston crown. hoarding buried alive (entire system hoarding buried alive of fuel supply is clean!) The system is applicable for gasoline and diesel engines, just different liquid hoarding buried alive before deciding how and where to clean, should carefully consider what will have a better and longer-lasting effect . If you are sure that the problem is only in the nozzles, (which is also confirmed in the diagnostic devices) then the better choice ultrasound tub as much more efficient and clean nozzles of visegodisjih deposits. However, if you know that the car fuel system is never cleaned, hoarding buried alive and that the car was driven 10 or more years and if at one time (as it is with us was the case in the recent past) to the bad ones, dirty and poor fuel smarter to clean the entire system hoarding buried alive (wynss method) because in this way ensures long term - have a solid Purification of nozzles (not as well as in containers) and a complete supply and therefore avoids the risk that the nozzles again dirty residual dirt in the system. The best course is to do both, but if you need to dial, then you should choose rationally after its cleaning your nozzles will shine

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