Monday, October 21, 2013

But then I thought about it some more, and came to several conclusions. First, these people do for

Not hear! If you do not me me, who I?
Today I went to do something more from life experiences reminded me more than the work of master sergeant in the army, even though significant, I felt that the act becomes part of something much bigger: I helped iss position clean up the encampment on Rothschild. Tent revival project was initiated by Ronnie iss position Gelbfish and others, when the goal is to reduce the environmental damage that the existence of Mahal free services (literally) makes the urban environment. residents Rothschild Street, after all, are not to blame in the State of Israel and there is no reason that they will bear the brunt of the protest so disproportionate. then cleaned the cord with cigarette butts and things even more pleasant, we moved yards and made sure to turn what others have left, and instead left a letter and a potted flower [1], we have eliminated tents broken evacuation operations of the police and helped to re-establish those aborted but still usable. were a few dozen people, counting generous, who do Work municipality refused to help her, for the common good.
In other words, we volunteered to be suckers. This feeling is, admittedly, a little intensified when I cleaned around the tents whose occupants were napping in them - or worse, when they sat and watched us and ignored our invitation to join and help. This irritated, no doubt. It certainly made me want to avoid them than to clean areas were the same people.
But then I thought about it some more, and came to several conclusions. First, these people do for a check much more than I did so far - they, their bodies are the Hmahblk [2] and are there most of the time in the heat while I hide an air conditioner. Yes, it would be nice if the loaf is something baffling us we were shouting rude or anything when we asked them if they want to join [3], but it has, and this protest is not just nice people.
Secondly, I thought, maybe now they do nothing, but they will be there a few hours, when the heat load down a bit, and maybe then they will see the encampment net more pleasant for everyone, and make the effort to keep it so in the future. Maybe worth a try. Finally, I thought, it's all part of the broader aims of the movement we're trying to create here - yes, even to educate people to clean up after them, create a new spirit in Israel would encourage people not jostle the bus, causing parents do not teach their children to return when hitting them, but to teach Not beating iss position them in the first place. In other words, iss position we want utopia. Or, my personal perspective, I want Israel to be Canadian. iss position
And the first condition we need to meet to be successful, is to learn to be morons sometimes. iss position Also learn that the Jewish state could, at times, turn the other cheek. Agree to be the one who cleans while others sit because I know that if I and others like me do not do it, it will not do though - ever. Know to pick our battles. Yes, it is annoying when the student did not get a working army and state pensions while I did not get nothing - but the student is not my enemy, but the politicians that work for causes trouble. Both I and student can live a better life if we change the priorities here, if the student will be allowed to work without serving in the army (not really need it) and if those who serve in the IDF will be rewarded iss position appropriate level and be treated as an employee labor. I'll be the sucker of this little student that the only way that we can all become pawns of those in power and those in power who incite us against each other and knock us all at once. I'll be the sucker iss position of the worst teacher you get a high salary even though she teaches children to be crippled wildlife to the teaching profession in general will attract more quality people to teach the children to be productive citizens iss position and activists in Israeli democracy. I'll be the sucker of Hmaniik he could work on Social iss position Security and obtain funds fraudulently to people who really do not have not come close to the edge that Social Security more busy exploring suspicions about cheating than handle cases that need help. On the other hand, we will continue to fight - and more so - against the major bodies that make us suckers against our will, exploit their money and our lack of time, money and attention, to steal our poor man's lamb.
When we learn to be suckers, we will begin to trust each other, trust each other, iss position and slowly, we start also to justify the trust that others give us. So also revealed the failure of the built-in approach "If I am not for myself, who me?" And we find that the only answer must come mutual, genuine welfare State, iss position and the philosophy of "if you do not me me, who me?"
For several years I preach against the ideas to establish new parties. Despair existing parties and hanging their hopes of offering a new party and "nkiih "always iss position seemed to me based on the concept too" campaigner iss position "of politics - as if a party is really iss position a laundry detergent that can be sold with some presenters iss position handsome and slogan successful, not something iss position with a solid foundation in society should be built in a long and deep. But today, I think the situation is different. Ionic right when she said [4] that this struggle iss position should be conducted not only as one monolithic hundreds of different organizations that create a real market of ideas. Active part probably disintegrate quickly, some will stay tiny forever, while others will grow and will become a mass movement. But at least one of the networks organizing this protest coming - and maybe more - should be a party. No "official encampments iss position Party," but you leave out party circles, discussions, blog posts, demonstrations and ideas that rolled everywhere. Can be more than one party - there is no uniformity in this protest, which is fine and legitimate and not evidence of fracture or crisis, contrary to what the media are trying to view again and again. Existing parties can also try to quit the auspices of the protesters demands iss position and propose solutions.
But what matters is that this move will be built on ideas. Substrates and genuine intention to implement them. No more

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