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As they drove through the city and suburbs Tesla did not want to answer Peter

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In the book "Secrets of Cold War Technology - Project HAARP continues," Gary Vasilatos, mentioned the Tesla power receiver, which is herein shown as Joe's whole, that Tesla seems to be very successful in 1930. testrirao the car. Vasilatos writes housekeeping jobs that Tesla had previously studied the condition of charged particles in a tightly packed vortex ether (ionosphere). Power that is manifested in the vicinity of such a vortex ethereal housekeeping jobs structure was enormous and etheric weight maintained a remarkable stability. In such a structure set lattice would create an electric voltage. With certain metal bars unutaratomsko field of energy which would then be created was immense.
It is known that Tesla in his work sought voltage which make these etheric energy outbursts started, and where such energy was trying to be her just to catch specially designed receiver and put into an electric motor. One such set is Tesla apparently very successfully tested the car in 1930. Story about evidently aeronautical engineer Derek Alhers, which came into contact with Tesla's cousin from Yugoslavia, Petar Savo, who was called Tesla in Buffalo to test the car together, "electric." In other obviously did not have the confidence. It was a car brand Arrov Pierce, one of the luxury cars of the period. The car was in an electric motor length housekeeping jobs of about 1 meter and volume about 60 cantimetara. From it led two thick cable connected to the front control panel. Added was a warehouse for 12 volt batteries.
Tesla is SEO to place the passenger and began to set the receiver power on the dashboard that was larger than kratkotalasnog ordinary radio. It contained 12 special tubes that Tesla brought with me in a small box-shaped bags.
Savo said Ahler that Tesla receiver drafted in the hotel room. These unusual tube exactly the Low set sanddle in their beds when they are set. When he pushed the two tubes Tesla said that now have power and to be able to turn the ignition key. Savo did it, but did not hear any sound. But as soon as the gas car is started. All time driving any motor sound is not heard.
As they drove through the city and suburbs Tesla did not want to answer Peter's question. Only when they were far out of town relatives said that the driving force of the car associated with "a mysterious radiation that comes from the ether" and that "energy is available in unlimited quantities." Savo is prisetio and say that he "does housekeeping jobs not know where it comes from, but that mankind should be grateful for its existence." Small gadgets on the passenger side apparently received this mysterious energy.
Savo is still the impression that Tesla was afraid that someone would discover his research. He managed only to find out that Tesla expects housekeeping jobs that its device will soon be used on large ships, boats, trains and cars.
Later Savo heard that the receiver with pipes and key shortly after driving burned because of security "because they leaked some information." A month after driving Petra Sava called a man who identified himself housekeeping jobs as Lee de Forest housekeeping jobs and asked him how he liked the ride? Savo said he was very glad about that mysterious drive and de Forset told him that his uncle Tesla greatest living scientist in the world.
When he later asked his uncle Savo Tesla whether his "receiver" to be used somewhere, Tesla tersely replied that he was in talks with some of the biggest companies to build ships. As Savo still Interrogative uncle became angry and unwilling to story. Savo was learned that he was very concerned for the safety of its findings and all the tests worked with great caution and secrecy because several times been the victim of manipulation. Today in Alaska under the auspices of the Pentagon as part of HAARP performs heating particles ionosphere (at a height of 65-950 km) radio waves of extremely high and low frequency parts of the ionosphere where they are converted into high temperature plasma. Consequence of climate change over certain areas here. It is believed that many of the drought and floods in recent years, especially housekeeping jobs in the countries that the U.S. administration declared "axis of evil", the consequence of this terrifying modern weapons.
5th If orgone cell used in a car during a long period of time, the motor car can become housekeeping jobs "energy-charged," and from that moment orgone cell is no longer any need to make the engine work. Car goes completely normal - and no gasoline and no cell!?! (More j

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