Friday, October 25, 2013

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So many things are happening lately just do not have time to sit down and update. Now I'm sitting on the couch in my new home, room air conditioner third spacing and pleasing to the Pacific ranging fills me with a sense of "never end". Days were so busy, not sure I'll remember all the details accurately. Since we got back from Italy we pack the house. More specifically I pack the house. third spacing Helping kids here and there. I'll start it before the trip to Italy we found a nice home and a good move to it and when we returned we were informed by the owner that she was very sorry but its relative had the house than us. Home locating resumed work diligently while objects were stacked in boxes and huge bags. At some point of despair and understanding that terrible time and must find another home already as Tamar said - never mind, we'll live in a tent and prepare every night sausages on the fire .. What a moment even sounds really tempting third spacing and cozy, we realized it was really serious and have already found something. third spacing We mediation. I went to see a house, would seem to fit in and closed Affairs. From then on the pace was increasing. Summer vacation has begun at school but Tamar was summer camp. Parents camp so parents actually run it themselves, so that in summer camp every parent out four times a day camps. On the face sounds simple, but came out a week where we turned the camp on two different days (Sunday and Wednesday) we went for a walk once a lovely creek runs penetrated with a bitter taste. third spacing New phone elaborate and stunning Noam bought me six days earlier birthday dipped in the sea died. At the end of the trip Noam asked me to take the car in the garage for inspection. He told me the name of the place where used to be the garage and that's it. The phone went dead sad with three lovely children in the car. I reached the destination third spacing but found a garage and went back home. The next day I went to clean the new house in the morning and afternoon kindergarten graduation party's real. Grandma and Yael helping keep the prepared pie party. third spacing At noon I went back to the garage turned out it was a completely third spacing different place than I was yesterday. On Tuesday morning I made things Wednesday's camp and did shopping, I made a cake party end of the gene of Oriya and in the afternoon we went to a party of Oria. On Wednesday, campers came to us, we had a picnic, we created a paper mache balloons (was from - to - a glue on each floor) and then the children enjoyed the screening of a movie + popcorn, crafts toilet paper rolls and lunch. On Thursday I went with my mother naturopathic unsettled me a bit. On Friday we went to my parents in the afternoon and in the evening we returned home and I am pleased that the next day (Saturday) was the lead of the house. Noam and I decided that on Saturday finish all the work and the house will be ready by the next evening to children must come to order. Ha! We almost succeeded .. We worked like crazy. There were so many cases there was no room for anything even on the porch. At about four o'clock we noticed we have not ate anything and we are about to collapse, so we made a break and went to eat. We went back and continued to work hard. Until 23 o'clock at night we went to open more boxes and arrange things in place, it was a very productive day. At night we could not sleep so well. Perhaps because third spacing of the new house, perhaps because of the pain all over the body or maybe the adrenaline still ranting body. Noam went to work the next day and the children went back with my mom. Everyone third spacing worked to finish what was left of the order and the house finally settled, all cartons blown Lfhihm and for a moment we thought the job was done. The next day I went with the children to see if we forgot something in the old house, it turns out quite a lot of things left behind. We clean up there too, and at some point I felt I needed some help. I called Mohammed told him noon gardener. Muhammad four in the afternoon and I started to clean up the garden when the children running around us happily. At eight o'clock I asked Muhammad if he wished to do some putty and fix some holes in the walls, he immediately took on the task and I followed with the color and brush, fantasizes about starting a renovation company with Muhammad when this will be behind me. Real high fever turns out, finish the day and going to the shower. The next day a little more work in the old house, carried all the logs furnace and Tamar Csfrkno third spacing them offered us keep count how many there are. We counted about 168 but maybe there is confusion in the middle of BC. Today is Wednesday noon grandmother Yael came and took the children to spend some with her. Since I am in from the F and H. Hooray! Trustees for my readers I will add some pictures of a beautiful wedding in Tuscany Gore grace.
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