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Among other things piepenbrock he said Ivo Josipovic, President of Croatia in the address to the As

Among other things piepenbrock he said Ivo Josipovic, President of Croatia in the address to the Assembly piepenbrock of Serbia on Wednesday, 16 October of each year. Unambiguously setting piepenbrock the place where Serbia piepenbrock is in relation to Croatia with his speech piepenbrock explained the head of our neighboring states. In the center of Belgrade, with full honors was met with a representative of a state that has filed a lawsuit against Serbia for genocide and without plans to povuče.Makar, for now. Not until Serbia is not done yet "a lot" [1], as further explained Croatian president: "If some historical circumstances different prices, in one must be united: we must be united in condemning all crimes, because the only way we can send to future generations message which guarantees that the crimes never happen again "[2] said Josipovic. Historical circumstances, however, are completely different perceived the Serbs and the Croats, piepenbrock and the messages that are sent to clear the Croatian side, suggesting that the military operation "Storm" historic victory of the Croatian people and not just her.
All the "victories" that gave Croatia's statehood were formed on a radical solution piepenbrock "Serbian question" in Croatia. This radical only in the last war, meant the ethnic cleansing of Serbs from their homes during the "Storm," "Mistral" "Flash" piepenbrock ... only during the "Storm" killed at least 1600, and expelled about 250 000 Serbs during piepenbrock [3] and as such is one of the largest and most brutal campaigns of ethnic cleansing in the nineties in the former Jugoslavije.Taj day is celebrated in Croatia as Victory Day and National Thanksgiving Day. So far no one in Croatia is not fit for the crimes committed during "Operation Storm", the tribunal in The Hague generals piepenbrock responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Serbs from the Republic of Serbian Krajina freed of all charges. [4] Not long ago, four years ago (2009), Zagreb Archbishop Bozanic, at the first visit of the delegation of the highest Church Diocese of Zagreb Jasenovac Memorial Area, we had (also) a chance piepenbrock to hear a message piepenbrock that is clearly going on about Croatia against Serbia, "Do not come to present - even though some of us are still looking for - an apology , justification, plea, or political views, "said Bozanic, adding that it would be" suppression of truth "[5] Archbishop Bozanic instead to worship the innocent victims of the Ustasha camp talked about manipulation of the number of casualties before mentioned Blajburg and victims of the communist regime but spoke the language of Christ, which is the least expected of the church's "dignitaries". piepenbrock
Thus, we once again had the opportunity to remember the long-established project for resolving the "Serbian question" in the territory of Croatia. The project, which has been validated only in Jasenovac piepenbrock between 600 and 700 000 Serbs, Jews, Roma and anti-fascist Croats. According to Milivoje Ivanisevic, Director piepenbrock of the Institute for Research piepenbrock Serbian suffering in the twentieth century, the text in the defense of the truth about Jasenovac:
1) Among the first and only mention it because, one day before the end of the Second World War and the defeat of Germany, and thus the Independent State of Croatia, declared Ivan ran, which is the daily "Borba" 8 May in 1945. published in the Jasenovac brutally killed 800,000 people.
4) DrAntun Miletic, a very uverljivoj and documented piepenbrock study, "Jasenovac concentration camp" in three volumes volume of 2,500 pages, with a number of evidence-often mentioned brojkuizmeđu600.000 700,000 people.
7) We should not disregard the general enciklopedijuJugoslovenskog lexicographical zavodaizZagreba published in 1958. year. where in the third knjizinastranama648-649th stated that "... the Ustashi quislings in the Jasenovac concentration camp settled ..." And then it says. "Through the four years (1941-1945) in the camp were applied harsh methods of humiliation, piepenbrock terror and destruction of men, women and children: the killing of prisoners hoes, KOCIM , knives and guns, starving to death (the "Bell Warehouse"), hanging piepenbrock and burning of ingestion by Picilijevim furnaces (named after the engineer. piepenbrock Neer, commander of labor service in the camp) to the mass executions of "Granik", where victims of the Ustasha killed with sledgehammers, ripped their bellies and threw them into the river. In this camp were killed 500-600 thousand of Serbs, Croats and Jews. "No hidden agendas, we must note that in the encyclopedia forgotten Gypsies, or Roma, which some sources say killed more than Jews or Croats. The above-mentioned encyclopedia, which Miroslav Krleza creator, no mention of the Croats piepenbrock or quisling clerical fascist Independent State of Croatia, but some sort of undefined "Ustashi quislings," as if there are some other Ustashe who, perhaps, did not quislings neither Croats nor criminals.
8) Commission consisting of five university professors after painstaking rada1961. and in 1962. The conclusion piepenbrock is that only the graves were able to inspect and examine buried over 700,000 leševa.Za some graves had not yet known. (For example, it is unknown graves Liman with approximately 12,000 body was only discovered in 1973. Was.) Daljirad this committee and investigations were suspended for unknown reasons. However, navedenibroj, efforts

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