Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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Welcome to the new house! | Guy Shachar
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It was a nice spring day in 1997 when I built a virtual home for the first time. Not that choices - Contractors son then only factories and campuses, and pioneering settlement Cyber - Spice had dirty hands in the code, let alone when it came to grade web developer who have to deal with trouble writing a visual outgrown. " bvc login Intended to immediately hospitality to persons making the Far East. Thus was born the website "My heart is in the East" - which was the first independent Jewish site on tours.
After several years of running a household face east, it was necessary to establish Israel's marketing department through presentations of nature and landscape. I built a few rooms, I added a new salon to meet guests views of Israel. Then were in the "top", and foreign wing with collages of landscapes to the diaspora, closed balconies to accommodate lectures, I added decorative pergolas, trying to cultivate bvc login a garden outside, and then ... became a messy house. Guests know to enter but were lost , filled it - they did not find the services, and especially - have not been able to find the room I wanted to Edo that go into them. Maybe it is not outwardly apparent that I always tried to clean up as best as possible, but the big house and began to subdue The troubled me.
Then, I decided to properly start again. I thought of home goals that characterized the various bvc login functions where, and turned to the architect and the constructor of the best I've found and were interested and enthusiastic construction project ahead. Took months of planning and construction, and has been when the house began to take shape, I started to move to the furniture and arrange it nicely. Do not just go to the unfamiliar. Every brick walls, bvc login large spaces frightening, and at first, bvc login with rooms and enhancements, you can get lost. Even a little embarrassing to me is this magnificent house. bvc login I had such an intimate house with a tiled roof, as these seats outskirts bvc login of Jerusalem or Lachish. But slowly I'm getting used to enjoy sophisticated home. Is actually a whole campus, which is all in one building can expand sideways and up, without losing the north, and direct guests where you want. I hope that does not get used too. Otherwise I could stay home all the time instead of going out into the real world, because of which essentially have a new home. Complicated, huh?
Just when I started to move I discovered what many find that they move - some things were storage in my old house. Amazing, huh? There is a feature to hide things hidden bvc login in niches, and then when you want to contact them they begin to erupt in all directions. So not enough tedious construction process, now need to arrange all again! And throw!
The process has not been completed. Some things even in the old house, and take time to take to their new locations. And yet, it's time to brush at least the front, and have your guests impressed and express an opinion. More builders are going around, so it's time to make repairs, if necessary.
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