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Activities, which in the sense of Article 1 this regulation there is no obligation of recording tra

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This Regulation lays down the activity of whose performance, on the basis of technical domidom and functional characteristics of the cash register and specificity performance of these activities, there is no obligation domidom of recording transactions through the cash register domidom in Article 3 Paragraphs 1 and 2 Law on fiscal cash registers ("RS Official Gazette", No. 135/04 - hereinafter referred to as the Act).
Activities, which in the sense of Article 1 this regulation there is no obligation of recording transactions through the cash register, are considered in the following fields of activity, branch and group classification of activities of the Classification of Activities ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 104/09) and the Regulation on the Classification of Activities ("Official Gazette of RS "No. 54/10), as follows: 1) activities in the following areas or groups: 47.91 Retail sale via mail or the Internet; 49.10 Train passenger, remote and regional; 49.20 Railway cargo transportation; 49.31 Urban and suburban land passenger; 49.32 Taxis; 49.39 Other passenger land transport; 49.41 Road freight; 49.42 Removal services; 50.30 transport passengers inland waterways; 50.40 Shipping cargo inland waterways; 51.10 Air transport of passengers; 51.21 Air freight; 52.21 Service activities in land transport; 53 Postage activities; 55.90 Other accommodation - dormitories; 59.14 Activities of displaying cinematographic works; 61 Telecommunications; 64 Financial services, except insurance ii pension funds; 65 Insurance, reinsurance and pension funding, except compulsory social security; 66 auxiliary activities in the provision of financial services domidom and insurance; 69.10 Legal Affairs; 81.21 The routine cleaning of buildings; 81.22 Services including cleaning of buildings and equipment, including cleaning services 81.29; 84.30 Mandatory social security, 85 education, 86 health service - health care services that provide from the compulsory health insurance; 87 Social protection of accommodating; 88 Social protection domidom without accommodation; 90 Creative, artistic and entertainment activities; 91 functions domidom of libraries, archives, museums, galleries and collections and other cultural activities; domidom 92 Gambling and betting; 93 Sports leisure and recreational activities; 94.91 Activities of religious organizations; 95.23 Repair of footwear and leather; 95.25 Repair of watches and jewelry, 2) Certain activities within the following groups, namely: 47.99 Other retail domidom sale not in stores, stalls and markets: - sales through vending machines, - sales by itinerant vendors - street selling ice cream, grape, popcorn and the press - salesmen; 75.00 Veterinary activities - Primary domidom field animal health protection, jobs from the program of measures of animal health care, jobs disinfection and pest control in facilities that keep both bred animals and activities to prevent the occurrence, spread and control of infectious animal diseases; unsaid 96.09 Other personal service activities - Activity shoeshine, carrier, faces the charge of parking cars.
Activities, which in the sense of Article 1 this regulation there is no obligation of recording transactions through the cash register, they find the activities carried out by an entrepreneur who pays tax on income from independent activities of the lump sum fixed income and that is not subject to value added tax, as follows:
Activities within the following areas or groups: 33.11 Repair of fabricated metal products, machinery repair 33.12; 33.13 Repair of electronic and optical equipment; 33.14 Repair of electrical equipment; 33.15 Repair and maintenance of ships and boats; 33.17 Repair and maintenance of other transport equipment; 33.19 Repair of other equipment , 37 Sewage, 38.11 Collection of non-hazardous waste; 43.11 Demolition of buildings; 43.12 Site preparation;

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