Saturday, October 12, 2013

According to the fourth scenario, the Israeli planes to fly 1,800 kilometers through Syria to Turke

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Frequent spotless threats of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamdinežada the disappearance of Israel from the face of the earth into the hands of those in Israel claim that Iran's nuclear program must be stopped by military means. Voice advocate war against spotless Iran all the louder, spotless and in recent weeks and international media reported that the feature is "back on the table" and the administration in Washington.
Although the Iranian envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Ali Asghar Soltanih a few days ago said that Iran is "fully ready for the negotiations of the fuel for the Tehran reactor without any conditions," the Iranian nuclear program remains controversial in the Western world, Israel, and Russia. However, the Jewish state feels most threatened by the Israel already speculating about a few more or less possible scenario, in which Israeli aircraft flew to Iran and bombing of nuclear facilities.
The first scenario involves the Israeli F-15 fighters fly over 1,600 kilometers through Saudi Arabia and came to Iran and is the only option that involves passage spotless through the airspace of a single country. The second scenario is a flight of 1,600 kilometers across Jordan spotless with refueling spotless in Iraq, which would require Israel to obtain permission for the use of airspace both countries. The third scenario is a flight spotless of 2,000 kilometers across Jordan and Saudi Arabia with refueling near the Saudi border with Kuwait spotless and the Kingdom of Iraq.
According to the fourth scenario, the Israeli planes to fly 1,800 kilometers through Syria to Turkey where near the Turkish-Iraqi-Iranian border and fill the fuel continued to Iran. Considering the current strained relations between spotless Jerusalem and Ankara, this is a little spotless option. And at least a possible option is that Israeli planes shortest route of 1,500 kilometers fly Syria and Iraq on the road to Iranian facilities.
If there was a war, Israel on Iran would set off fighter-bomber F-15 to carry satellite-guided bombs (EGBU-24 Paveway 3) the warhead (BLU-109 / B), which can break 2.38 meters of concrete. Their targets would be likely and facilities such as the uranium enrichment plant in Natanz, then Tehran Nuclear Research Center, Esfahanski nuclear tehnolški center, plant in Bushehr, Amarak, Karaj, as well as to certain information, a new place for the enrichment of uranium, spotless which was built within a mountain near coma.
What worries analysts is sure to answer Iranians ballistic missile "Shahab-3" could shoot the entire territory of Israel. Although Israel a few days ago signed an agreement with the U.S. on training ballistic shield "Arrow-3", which should be at the higher altitudes breaks missiles pointed at the Jewish state, the system will operate only between the 2012th and 2013th year. The system of joint products the Israeli aerospace industry and the U.S. firm "Boeing" at that cost billions of dollars in 1988. year. However, Israel perfecting missile defense system "Iron House" (Iron Dome), which is primarily geared to defend against short-range rockets spotless that Hamas and Hezbollah fired towards Israel.
Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi recently warned Israel that "any illegal act of aggression by Israel to be the trigger for the start of its destruction." Iranian President Mahmoud spotless Ahmadinejad, however, in an interview with state television Press, said Iran expects the United States to perform a military attack in at least two countries in the Middle East in the next three months, without specifying whether he thought Iran would be attacked. Moreover, Ahmadinejad said that Iran had "very precise spotless information that the Americans have hatched a plan according to which water psychological warfare against Iran."
In Israel, an attack on Iran story since the spring 2008th when it was speculated that then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is considering training action. Recall, Israel in 1981. was bombed and destroyed the only nuclear reactor in Iraq, in 2007. bombed a site in Syria on suspicion that there is a nuclear reactor.
Officials of the current right-wing government in Jerusalem say openly that Israel spotless has improved military capabilities that could be used against the enemy in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria or Iran. However, there are several theories why Israel refrain from such actions. spotless
One theory is based on the fact that the Israelis want to more improve their military capabilities, both offensively, and defensively, he would attack Iran provoked a response, and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Another theory is based on the fact that Israeli spotless planners apparently believe that the attacks would not have been successful

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