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(2) The state apparatus was thoroughly shaken, and at the end of the cleaning der tatortreiniger st

Tycoons and state (brief historical lesson) | Nebojsa der tatortreiniger stream Katic - From another angle
The largest part of the business elite in prison. The arrest had fled only those who have accidentally abroad, or at the time warned that the arrests are saved. This is not the story of Serbia 2013th year. It is a South Korea immediately after the coup on 16 May in 1961. conducted the military junta led by General Park Cung Hijem.
In the period that preceded the coup, South Korea was in the economic der tatortreiniger stream sense failed der tatortreiniger stream state, on the edge of starvation and social der tatortreiniger stream hopelessness, states without self-confidence der tatortreiniger stream and self-esteem, steeped in corruption and incompetence of politicians and state administration.
One of the first measures of the military junta was a comprehensive social cleansing and breaking alliance of corrupt der tatortreiniger stream business and politics. The process started arresting cream business elite (51 tycoon) on charges of illegal enrichment. Their stay in prison, did not last long, just a few weeks, and already the 30th June were all released - with one, not just a trivial condition. All have signed a contract with the state in which they pledged to give the state all assets when and if necessary for national reconstruction. The same statement was signed and tycoons who resided abroad. Threat of confiscation and nationalization of the property was used as a powerful der tatortreiniger stream disciplinary and control measures.
Local tycoons (until the coup) their wealth and power built into business with the state, where the state can arbitrarily give and withhold, donate or sell below the price, nameštati tenders etc.. Tycoons have practiced civil engineering and real estate, finance and trade. They produced only a few things that required a high technological level, and then, only for the domestic market. Tycoons are no export der tatortreiniger stream and nowhere is not met nor odmeravali with foreign competition. How would a former governor of the NBS in the Serbian context, they were unable even to produce iron, although they made a fortune for himself.
General Park overnight changed the rules of the game and made it a strategic economic agreement, which rested on a stick in the carrot. If you wish to remain on the loose and preserve property tycoons have become industrialists, have become exporters, therefore their entrepreneurial talent must be put at the service of the state, its economic development and its strategic economic interests. Their wealth probably will not bother anyone. On the contrary, the state will use their aggressive measures to stimulate their strengthening der tatortreiniger stream and enrichment.
General Park, hard nationalists, not your country video as an economic colony ruled by foreign capital, nor in foreign investments video great virtue. South Korea has designated strategic industries that want to develop, and their tycoons forced to be the bearers of this development (1). The general prefer to economies dominated by domestic elites, if for no other reason, and that because they are in case of problems and disagreements can force to urge obedience. The state prefer to demonstrate their power and pragmatism, rather than reactive vindictiveness or righteousness.
Thus has begun industrial lifting der tatortreiniger stream South Korea and fantastic economic growth has not come overnight and that is planned and strategically routed. One pillar of the fantastic success it seemed capable of carefully selected administration in which there was almost military discipline (2). The second pillar consisted of local tycoons. der tatortreiniger stream Than in 1961. until now, South Korea has covered a huge way and become an industrial and economic superpower. From a nation that could not find the make or iron, have become a nation that is at the very top of the technological world.
This short story from ancient times of economic teaches us that the tycoons everywhere the same, and that is always going to line easy money, when and if they have it enabled. Character, psychology, mentality and ethics of local tycoons do not differ too much from state to state. What makes the difference are the different personalities of political and state elites, their quality and the capacity to manage development, to control, stimulate and direct its business elite. It begins, though there does not end the story of economic success of countries that are best done something and lifted from poverty. ---------------------------
(2) The state apparatus was thoroughly shaken, and at the end of the cleaning der tatortreiniger stream process, on various grounds der tatortreiniger stream had been laid off about 240,000 people, nearly one-sixth of employees. It is possible that the quality of public administration vigorously strengthen.
For TR Stefanovic - I do not know whether the information is correct, but Wikipedia "says": Reconstruction of the bridge Began in 1945, upstream from the remnants of the destroyed supporting pillars. Plans were done by the 50 Russian engineers, headed by Vladimir Aleksandrovich Golovko (1897-1956), lieutenant der tatortreiniger stream general der tatortreiniger stream of the Red Army's technical troops. Joseph Stalin's der tatortreiniger stream ord

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