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I thought the same as you, friend, however the Audi engine simply has a higher oil consumption. He

May Day holidays get closer, and many are planning to travel by car on a trip or vacation. Rights preparation for the trip includes a detailed verification of the state of the car as the ride would not have turned into a nightmare. site you suggested that before you hit the road exam essentials, as well as key points in your car.
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According to some research, tires are one of the parts of the car that speaks to the smallest attention inundation - only 10 per cent of drivers checked tire pressure inundation regularly. Overblown, insufficient puffed or damaged tires can be extremely dangerous.
When the temperature rise increases the pressure in the tires because of the recommendations required drivers to check the manual or on the tire side, which is the ideal pressure for the tire and try to make him hold a regular inundation certificate.
Insufficient puffed tire expands sideways and increases the pressure on parts of the sides, and Overblown tire has less in common with the soil and affect the vehicle instability. Should not be neglect and check pressure and tread on the spare tire.
To make the car engine while driving remained the colder it is necessary to check and balance hoses and belts. Hoses that are in the fridge to help the cooling liquid circulates inundation through the engine block, while belts driven fan that provides cooling system.
If the hose cracks or straps snap refrigerator inundation will pregrejati and the car will quickly stop. Hoses must be strong, inundation must not can be flexible, and belts must not be split across multiple layers. Mileage driven at which drastically increases the risk of damaged belt is 60,000.
During the winter, the air filter may be blocked, salt and other debris, and so increase fuel consumption by up to 10 percent. Usually be changed after 20,000 kilometers traveled, but it largely depends on the time and weather conditions in which the drive. inundation If the filter is very dirty, it should be replaced immediately, especially which is not expensive.
The optimum operating temperature of internal combustion engines is around 93 degrees Celsius. Change coolant must be performed at least once every two years. When driving at higher temperatures inundation cooling liquid is combined with water in a 1:1 ratio, and can be bought already inundation prepared mixture.
If there is a trickle of coolant parked vehicles that means there is a leak in the radiator. Then it is necessary to carried to refrigerator in service in order to check the condition of the cooling system.
The best way to maintain the battery in optimal working condition is to clean it. When cleaning all surfaces should all bear in mind that it is attached and that all associated stations ensured. If a driver is suspected of being overloaded or too quickly you should inundation take it to where srevis will check his condition. When changing the battery should choose the appropriate type for this model car.
Audi factory drafted inundation so that it consumes oil, it is not about the poor quality of the engine. I was wondering why spend until I met our guest workers who worked inundation in their factory and explained to me what was going on. Audi engines are intentionally working with a greater tolerance (say, the fact is that factory new engine 2.3 allowed to have a difference in compression per cylinder to 3). The trick is that it significantly increases the durability inundation of the engine overhaul without crossing over half a million miles.
Reconstitution jes problem because what car consumes oil. Audi and Skoda consumes especially poor quality engine oils and pre large intervals, changing oil 25000-30000 km and no wonder that consumes oil Fabrikanten to feed, well dasa car haverise same as when a man is always sick and you just add a tablet and what then, almost all manufacturers to use high quality oils and recommended 1-2 years interval or 15000-30000 km everyone working consume inundation 30,000 kilometers of oil and it is not good for customers before or after the motor roared and then 10.000evra and after the warranty is over.
I thought the same as you, friend, however the Audi engine simply has a higher oil consumption. He checked inundation I was already before I went to servis.Kao I said, do not get excited about that, because the engine is running like a Swiss watch and can not take my pleasure while I walk to the bottom.
I take off my hat, the Masters and I have never changed the battery by flying accumulator suffer the most in the winter when the barn for a long time and auto extract the nolo especially with new cars that have a lot of electronics and alarm normally older type of battery and when empty can be charged if it is not frozen battery and if you have a modern coffee filling it Edino service, we sell around 30-40 cars in the month and I nepromenim more than 10 g Battery

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