Monday, September 30, 2013

He confirmed city of folsom that an

He confirmed city of folsom that an "independent" source from the police, who said that it was contradictory to what saobraćajci penalize drivers for offenses which themselves are driving a car that would not have given the green light to the final inspection.
Moreover, as we found out, a member of the Association for the improvement of traffic safety RS found in amazement city of folsom when his police car sent to the technical review, and when the cops then got into his vehicle to keep in front of him he saw that they are not working brake lights.
"The situation regarding our vehicles is alarming! There are problems when it comes to many elements city of folsom in the police cars. Policeman being embarrassed when another driver penalties, and I drive a vehicle improperly, "said the interlocutor from the police, who asked us not to publish his name.
At the same time, the source of the relevant union learned that one of the weakness of the police fleet that he is, according to our source, "desperately" star. Year, according to experts, exaggerated when it comes about the safety of those who control the drivers.
"It has been observed that the vehicles of police officers technically incorrect! Visually it can be seen that in them do not work or the rate or headlights. When they went to some extraordinary city of folsom technical examination, 90 percent of them would not have passed city of folsom the examination, "said Milenko Jaćimović, president of the Association for the improvement of traffic safety RS.
"Neither the moral nor the preventive aspect is not right that those who refer to the technical review driving defective vehicles. But not only the problem of vehicles. We observed that the police in Banja Luka mass not bind belt, and therefore penalize the other participants in traffic, "said Jaćimović.
For questions regarding this issue, we looked and the Mirna Soja, spokesperson of the RS MUP, but her letter, by the time this issue of "independent", we did not get. However, previously known to police can finally get a breath, city of folsom because their problems when the equipment in question, far from over.
"High-quality equipment to material and technical, and personal equipment of every police officer, contributing to bezbjednosnoj situation, and the protection of their lives in the performance of duties and tasks that they are doing," said Anica Jondić, President of the Union of Workers of Interior of RS.
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